Rust Has Refunded $4.4M Back To Players

Garry Newman, the developer behind the popular survival game Rust, announced earlier today that Rust has seen 329,970 units or $4.4 million worth of copies refunded back to players.

Despite still being in Early Access since its first release in December 2013, Rust has already sold over 5 million copies. $4.4M is nothing to sneeze at, but the loss only amounts to 6% of total sales for the game, which is a drop in the bucket given Rust's impressive numbers.

While the numbers may seem alarming, the influx of refunds may be attributed to Steam's generous return policy for players. Since 2015, Steam has allowed refunds for any game purchased given the user has racked up less than 2 hours worth of playtime, which allows users to try the game before fully committing to paying for it.

When asked what was the feedback given by users when choosing to refund their copy of Rust, Newman candidly replied, "Not fun followed by bad performance - which is pretty fair I think."