Secret World Legends' Agent System Gets First Look

As players continually wait for content, Funcom has finally released it's teaser for the new Agent System. While this has been teased for some time, we're finally getting a look into how it will function.

Funcom today posted a short video showing the basics of the system on it's facebook page. This new system allows players to recruit NPCs to help them along the way, through the use of items called 'Agent Dossiers'. These dossiers will display information about each NPC including their bio, traits, and stats. It will also display info on 'Agent Support Abilities' which will bequeath passive abilities to the player.

In typical MMO fashion, these agents can be sent on a variety of tasks in order to gain levels, and find items to return to the player. Such items include distillates and shards.

No release time has been confirmed yet for this new system, however we should expect to see it soon.

Agent Network Sneak Peek

A sneak peek at what is in the works!

Posted by Secret World Legends on Wednesday, February 14, 2018