Shakes And Fidget Launches On Steam To Nearly 4000 Concurrent Players


Shakes and Fidget is an "award-winning" browser and mobile MMORPG from Playa Games. It was originally launched in 2009 as a Flash-only game, but has since evolved into a cross-platform title that can be played in-browser and on Android, iOS or Windows Phone. Now, it can also be played through Steam.

Playa Games have said that during its time on Greenlight, Shakes and Fidget garnered almost 20,000 yes votes. Supposedly, it skyrocketed into the Top 3 Greenlight games within 24 hours. Now, at launch, the game has nearly 4000 concurrent players.

Whether the runaway popularity will last or not remains to be seen. In the meantime, you can join the thousands of players by downloading here.