SuperData's 2015 Stats Place League of Legends And Clash Of Clans At The Top


Another year has passed which means it's time for new stats from SuperData Research. The year 2015 saw an impressive 8% year-over-year increase in the "worldwide digital games market" with total revenues of $61 billion—a record high. Digital console games are up 34% year-over-year. Mobile is up 10% year-over-year, accounting for a staggering $25.8 billion of that revenue. "Social games" saw only a 0.8% decrease, while subscription games are down another 4%.

The top grossing game in 2015 was League of Legends with $1.6 billion towed in on its own. Clash of Clans secured the first place mobile game spot with a $1.3 billion of its own. CrossFire came second on the top grossing PC list with $1.1 billion while Dungeon Fighter came third with $1.0 billion. Other notable inclusions are World of Warcraft in fourth with $814 million and Lineage I, still hanging in at sixth with $339 million. The second top grossing mobile game was Game of War: Fire Age, nearly 50% lower than Supercell's Clash of Clans at $799 million.

It seems that 2015 was an impressive and surprising year for video games. You can see the full list of stats on SuperData's website.

Top Grossing PC Games by Revenue, 2015 (Mil $)

#1 League of Legends Riot Games $1,628
#2 CrossFire SmileGate $1,110
#3 Dungeon Fighter Online Neople $1052
#4 World of Warcraft Activision Blizzard $814
#5 World of Tanks Wargaming $446
#6 Lineage 1 NCSoft $339
#7 MapleStory Nexon $253
#8 Dota 2 Valve $238
#9 Counter Strike Global Offensive Valve $221
#10 Grand Theft Auto V Take-Two Interactive $205

Top Grossing Mobile Games by Revenue, 2015 (mil $)

#1 Clash of Clans Supercell $1,345
#2 Game of War: Fire Age Machine Zone $799
#3 Puzzle & Dragon Gungho Online $729
#4 Candy Crush Saga King Digital $729
#5 MonsterStrike Mixi $674
#6 Candy Crush Soda Saga King Digital $518
#7 Fantasy Westward Journey NetEase $451
#8 Colopl Rune Story COLOPL NI Inc $356
#9 Disney Tsum Tsum LINE Corp $326
#10 Boom Beach Supercell $297

Top Grossing Console Games by Revenue, 2015 (mil $) (These are DIGITAL sales ONLY)

#1 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Activision Blizzard $355
#2 FIFA 15 Electronic Arts $332
#3 Grand Theft Auto V Take-Two Interactive $322
#4 Destiny Activision Blizzard $291
#5 Call of Duty: Black Ops III Activision Blizzard $224
#6 FIFA 16 Electronic Arts $212
#7 Fallout 4 Bethesda Softworks $108
#8 Star Wars Batlefront Electronic Arts $106
#9 Madden NFL 16 Electronic Arts $76
#10 Madden NFL 15 Electronic Arts $73



  • What makes the data about League of Legends even more crazy is that the game did ~$1.2B in 2014. $1.2->$1.6 is a huge jump and shows that the biggest PC game in the world is still growing at an incredible rate. I wonder if they'll see growth in 2016 too. It feels like EVERYONE already knows about the game, but its still growing.

    • Where are they investing that money though. Last time I played game still had no replay system, no sandbox mode and that awful adobe air client.

      • Doesnt matter, its working.

      • Magical thing is that the vast majority of the player base doesn't care about the replay system or sandbox mode, and the rest of the playerbase cares about the game too much to let a lack of those features turn them away. Riot is also making progress on the new client visible to the players, and the new champ select was a preview of the flashyness, so nobody's really complaining about that anymore.

        Plus, just look at all those pretty pretty skins.

        I should also add that they do invest a huge amount into their esports operations as well.

        • Yeah I guess its hard to miss something you've never had, but as someone who comes from Dota 2 I miss these things. Especially sandbox mode.

          • Replay is not very important imo just sandbox but im sure that will eventually come after the big client update later this year.

        • You may be correct that the playerbase doesn't care about replays/sandbox mode/etc, but that doesn't answer kabasta's question as to what Tencent/Riot is doing with all that money rolling in. eSports is one answer, but Dota 2 pulls off a similar scene despite a fraction of the revenue. So where's the rest going? Does each new skin cost $100 million to design?

          • Dota 2 pulls of a similar esports scene? You're several million dollars off there.

            Dota 2 ported most of their creative content from a game that had been in development for longer than League. Their resources were allowed to be diverted elsewhere. Also, their design philosophy is quite different and prioritizes other features. They don't, for example, have nearly as sophisticated behavior analysis/reform as League. Valve also had way more capital and infrastructure going into Dota 2.

            As convenient as it is to reduce the comparison to "why can't Riot do everything Dota 2 can," It's really apples and oranges.

    • Then again every year you hear people talking about how League is dying. Even with this article I'm sure I'll read it somewhere. I don't know where people get it but oh well.

  • Kinda sad to see that Dota 2 has less annual revenue than maplestory 2 >_>

  • Suck it peasants.

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