Survarium Adds Christmas Event And Updates Netcode


Players who log into Survarium for the recently released Patch 0.34 will be greeted with a festive surprise as a Christmas-themed event brings a little bit of cheer onto the battlefield. While the Christmas event lasts players can collect toys (2-4 drops per match or 3-5 for premium players) which can be traded in for gift bags. These bags include random items including blueprints with festive camo and can also be exchanged for special festive weapons such as the Christmas SVD.

Netplay has also been revamped to make the game feel more visceral against moving targets, and a skills update has been added which makes for a single ultimate per tree—such as the Terminator which allows you to equip 2 primary weapons. Also as a special gift all players who log in during the event will receive a festive Christmas camo.

Unfortunately the end date for the event hasn't been announced so it would be best to grab what you can, while you can.

You can check out the video announcement below: