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Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is a Mobile RPG where players can summon and collect Heroic Spirits of Legend and fight to protect history from anomalies. The game is set in the popular Fate/Stay Night universe and players can summon popular Servants such as Arturia Pendragon, EMIYA, Gilgamesh and Jeanne D'Arc.

Publisher: Delightworks, TYPE-MOON
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile RPG
Release Date: June 25, 2017 (NA/EU)
Pros: +Beautiful Anime Sprite Graphics. +Huge variety of heroes. +Top notch production value.
Cons: -Pricey gatcha. -Only Asynchronous Multiplayer

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A Pokémon Go Guide To Be The Best


Pokémon Go is serious business. When you're at a PokeStop sitting on a lure and a large posse roles up on their bicycles you want to be the champion don't you? You want players to both fear your name and stare in awe when it's you're Pokémon sitting on a gym's throne. Well, we've compiled tips and pointers to make sure your rivals don't stand a chance.

1. The most important part of Pokémon Go is leveling. Catch every Weedle, Caterpie, and Pidgey you find, using incense—if you've got it—around lured Pokestops. Leveling increases the potential max Combat Power (CP) of Pokémon you run into in the wild. Plus leveling unlocks new items like Razz Berries at Level 8, Great Balls at Level 12, and Ultra Balls at Level 20. Here's a handy leveling chart compiled by CNET.

2. Save your special items for hard catches: Great Balls, Razz Berries, and Ultra Balls. Pokeballs can be found at nearly every Pokestop, but that doesn’t mean you’ll obtain Razz Berries and Great/Ultra balls every time. Create a stockpile so you're prepared when a CP 500 Arcanine spawns. Don’t be tempted to use them on Rattatas when you’re out of normal Pokeballs. Take a walk around a park to refill instead. You'll be thankful you were a hoarder at higher levels.

3. The catching ring color indicates how difficult it's going to be to catch a Pokémon. The ring starts at green and can show up as yellow, orange, or red, listed in the order of how difficult a catch might be. So, a high CP Dragonite is undoubtedly going to be red—that's why you save items! Switching up your normal Pokeballs for a Great or Ultra, or using a Razz Berry, will affect the ring color accordingly.

4. The type of Pokémon that spawn is heavily correlated with your climate and local terrain. The evidence is not conclusive but suggestive. The Silph Road used an array of data points to determine that grass types were more commonly found on Golf courses, while water are almost certainly found near sources of water (seems obvious right?). At the beach you can find a variety of water Pokemon such as Tentacools and Goldeens, while up in the mountains you might find Clefairies. The evidence is largely anecdotal but that does not mean it's not useful.

5. Not all Pokémon are created equal. When deciding which Pokemon to boost with your stardust handpick Pokémon with the highest CP. Choosing these to evolve will end up saving you stardust as you will have to spend less on powering them up. Keep in mind it takes a lot of stardust to power up Pokémon and you want to save your stardust to power up its final form, such as Nidoking.

6. Use Lucky Eggs to evolve Pokémon in batches. Lucky Eggs are rewarded every few levels and grant double experience for 30 minutes. They are the key to fast leveling. Evolving Pokémon grants 500 experience normally (when evolving Pokémon you've already evolved) which becomes 1000 experience with an Egg. Stocked up Pidgey's, Weedles, and Caterpies are perfect for evolving batches. They only cost 12 candies to evolve into their second form, an easy couple of levels given enough Pokémon. Do not evolve them into their third form when you're grinding. The cost is too high and the experience gained is the same. Save your first time evolutions for Lucky Eggs too, for a huge boost to experience.

7. Head to areas with a high player population. Not only is it safer, but it's suggested that players catch a wider variety of Pokemon when around other trainers, based on anecdotal evidence. Areas that have multiple Pokestops will usually have active Lures which will also increase your chances. Lures are indicated by a storm of flower petals around a Pokestop on your map; they typically attract groups of players.

8. Use Ingress to determine where Pokémon are spawning. Ninatic's first game was Ingress, a similar augmented reality title where players explore their neighborhoods. Opening Ingress will shows you points of light, which are XM in Ingress' lingo, and display areas of high cellular usage. Traveling to concentrations of XM should reveal Pokémon. It's well worth using for players who live in rural areas.

9. It follows that areas in your town where many people frequent are prime locations to find Pokémon: parks, Walmarts, malls, restaurants. However, hiking trails, obscure lakes, isolated volcanoes, and senior citizen homes are unlikely to reveal many Pokémon, graveyards included. Some of the best spots, as reported by users, are malls—wherever large groups of people congregate.

10. Keep a few lower level Pokemon around. You’ll want to have low level Pokémon for powering up friendly gyms. Also, using a low level Pokémon that's super effective against a stronger Pokémon at a gym reaps greater rewards. You can gain as much as 1000 prestige by fighting a 300 CP fire Pokémon with a 150 CP water Pokémon.

11. When you evolve Pokémon their move-set changes so keep a few copies of each Pokemon you plan to evolve. Jolteon doesn't have the same abilities as Evee, and two Jolteon's can evolve with different attacks. So you want to hoard as many of the same type of Pokémon as you can and evolve them to get the right combination of moves.

12. Turn off augmented reality to save battery life and make catching Pokémon a little easier. As soon as you enter a battle you can make the swiping motion on the Pokeball to throw it when the Pokémon is nice and up close, leading to a gauranteed hit but not a guaranteed catch. Thanks to YouTuber Nicolai for this neat little tip.

13. If you play you know Pokémon GO kills batteries without remorse. Instead of heading home to charge you can pick up a portable charger from Amazon, Best Buy, Microcenter, or wherever you shop for electronics. Both I and gUMBLE use the Anker 20000mAh Portable Charger. It's bigger than it looks, like carrying  a brick in your pocket. But it's good for six charges and can connect to multiple devices. Pretty handy when you're camping a Pokestop for a long time.

Some Helpful Links

TheSilphRoad Reddit - Lots of helpful information from Redditors who love to dissect Pokémon Go.

If you have any other tips or you see anything here which is wrong let us know and we'll tidy it up. 

Tree Of Savior Maintenance To Compensate For Dungeon Issues


Highly anticipated "Spiritual Successor To Ragnarok Online" Tree of Savior has announced that their latest maintenance will compensate players for dungeon issues. The trainwreck early access has been plagued by server disconnections, gamebreaking bugs, unplayable lag and inability to access key maps and dungeons. Despite these glaring issues—imcGAMES has put up a valiant effort to compensate paid founders.

The latest compensation will come in the form of five Instanced Dungeon Reset Vouchers which will help players who missed out on their daily limit of dungeons. In addition Monster Respawn Rates have been increased by 50% to combat the grueling quest conditions, and Megaphones have been given a Level 40 restriction for use to combat spammers.

imcGAMES has also acknowledged that they are aware of the 'server stability issues' (and seem a bit embarrassed by the wording) and are in the process of tackling the issue. The full patch notes and address can be see on their official website.

Tree Of Savior Details Regional Info And Transition To F2P


The spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online, Tree of Savior, is upon is in only 4 more days and has detailed their regional data in a new post. According to Steam Data North America and Latin America make up the bulk of players with 30% and 26% of Founders Packs purchased respectively, with South East Asia taking 16% of the pie. Europe and Russia are both showing 12% representation as well.


imcGAMES has also detailed that they will be reducing the player-to-server ratio as a countermeasure to reduce queue times—but the highly requested Regional Servers will not be made as the post states "...we have come to the conclusion that we cannot create and sustain regional servers based on the data up to this point."

As the game transitions into F2P all Founders Buyers can purchase in peace as those who have purchased them will also receive a free server transfer as F2P servers are added. These transfers will allow players to transfer to new servers 3 weeks after they've opened which will allow players to choose the server of their choice.

The Founder's Server products will be offered at 30% off from April 21st  until the 27th for straggling players that want to pick up on the cute rewards!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Receives A 1 Line Update After Nearly A Year


After nearly a year since its release "Ultimate Self-Insert Fanfiction" Dragon Ball Xenoverse has updated the game to version 1.07 with a single line—"Adjusted the stamina reduction value of attacks when boost effect wears off during transformation." This has caused quite a stir in a community that is calling out for new content for the game.

The rich world of Dragon Ball does seem to have a lot of room for constant DLC updates, but the game has gone dark since the release of GT Pack 1 in March of last year. Come on Bandai Namco... take our money!

The Culling Expands To Europe And Oceania


In a patch update titled "The Culling Goes Down Under" The Culling has expanded their server lists to include Oceania. This update came not long after adding the highly requested European servers to help players combat lag—which was definitely a big deal in a melee combat-focused game. In addition to several minor changes the dominating Stun Gun+Backstab strategy has been nerfed with the Stun Gun's CC duration reduced to 2 from 3 as well as ammo being reduced to 2 from 3. This will definitely be a welcome change for me as the strategy was relatively uncounterable even by taking the Immunity Talent.

Ragequitting has also been nerfed, as players who alt+f4 in an attempt to deny kills will remain in the game world for some time before despawning. Hooray for justice!

You can check out the official patch notes below:

Revision #89106 (Changes since Revision #89012)
Major Changes

  • Added Oceania regional servers
  • Rebalanced Stun Gun (Ammo reduced from 3 to 2, Stun wound duration reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds, Self Defense Airdrop cost increased to 90 FUNC, Stalker Airdrop cost increased to 100 FUNC)
  • Med Station healing is now interrupted when healing player performs combat actions
  • Players who disconnect now have a timeout before exiting (no more rage-quitting mid-fight to deny your opponent a kill)

Minor Changes

  • Addict Airdrop cost reduced to 75 FUNC
  • Fix for text chat input disrupting camera control
  • Fix for several text-related bugs
  • Bows found in Airdrops now include 24 arrows and text descriptions reflect that
  • Fix for a bug that allowed a bow to be duplicated
  • Fix for a bug where changing server region reset graphics settings
  • Fix for several stuck spots in the map
  • Airdrops are now sorted by FUNC cost
  • Pressing Left Mouse Button during trap placement or stim usage will no longer cancel usage. Right Mouse Button now cancels
  • Players with Blindness wound can no longer see opponents’ HUD Health/Stamina/Wound display
  • Using the Center Kill Switch to activate gas pylons will now give the button-pressing player credit for resulting kills
  • Rocks and Branches now deal reduced throw damage (which does not scale when charged)
  • Removed backstab bonus for thrown weapons
  • Crafting and item interaction are now interrupted when player performs combat actions
  • Rebalanced Faster Trapper perk. Now affects trap disarm time in addition to trap deployment. Deploy and Disarm times are reduced by 75%
  • Fix for some Med Kits allowing three uses
  • Fix for inventory items temporarily disappearing for some players

Fate/Grand Order Announces Kara No Kyoukai Collaboration


Last month Fate/Grand Order announced that a collaboration event will be held in late February—and that event has been revealed to be with another Type Moon work Kara No Kyoukai. The event is called "Garden of Order" (Kara No Kyoukai is Garden of Sinners) and will feature the highly anticipated 4★ Shiki Ryougi Assassin, who can be obtained through a special story on the Fuyuki map.

It would seem that Delightwork's just knows exactly what to do to maintain their cashflow as they recently celebrated their 5 million downloads. You can check out the official announcement in Japanese on the official Fate/Grand Order website.

Ugh. Guess I'm playing again...

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Releases Operation Wildfire


Valve has released the latest operation for Counter Strike: Global Offensive with Operation Wildfire. The latest operation features a co-operative Gemini Campaign and the single player Wildfire Campaign—each riddled with exp bonuses and loot. Also included is a completely new re-vamp of Nuke which has been re-balanced to be less CT-sided.

Players will be able to pick up the new Operation Wildfire Case and can unbox it for a chance at the new Bowie Knife and 16 new community-created weapon finishes. Operation Wildfire drops will include drops from operation collections: Cobblestone, Cache, Overpass, Gods and Monsters, Chop Shop and Rising Sun.

Wildfire can be purchased in the CS:GO shop for 5.99 USD and you can check out the official announcement on the Counter Strike Blog.

Blade & Soul Combats Spammers (And Breaks Chat)


After its recent release Blade & Soul has been plagued with spammers advertising for gold sites—so much so that Faction and Regional Chats were rendered useless. In a patch last night the game has released a new update to combat against them, however the update seems to have done TOO good of a job as Regional, Faction and Clan chats no longer work.

According to an official post Blade & Soul devs are aware of the issue and are working to remedy it.

Also included in last night's patch were 2 new EU servers as well as new outfits in the Hongmoon Store.


Although not quite aligned with my tastes some people might appreciate this scandalous school uniform.

Heroes Of The Storm Balances The Nexus


Heroes of the Storm has released their latest balance update that intends to add changes to both Heroes and their Talents—most notably to the latest Hero in the lineup Greymane. The Worgen Leader has received some steady buffs to talents that are considered his weakest as well as having his cooldowns reduced across the board for much more active gameplay.

One of the more notable comments from the developers is that they would like there to be more impact on Heroic Abilities when used, especially towards lesser chosen ones. The patch features updates to Falstad, Sgt Hammer, Arthas, Johanna and ETC in this line of thought.

I'll be excited to see people cry less about people picking Johanna's awesome Falling Sword!

You can check out the full patch notes with developer commentary on the official website here.

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