Swords Of Legends Online Adds New Raid Difficulties And A New Outfit

swords of legends online chinese mmorpg dragon boss art

Gameforge has kicked up the difficulty of several existing raids in Swords of Legends Online with more challenging versions to take on. The wuxia-inspired MMORPG’s latest update has added a Hard mode for Clash Over Divine Waters for groups of 10-20 players and drops level 270 loot. The Realm of Destroyed Evil will also be getting an Extreme Mode on October 9th which will also be open to 10-20 players and will drop Renxia Jade as rewards for completion.

The update also adds a new questline that will reward players with a new outfit. The quest can be picked up by speaking to a tailor who will then task you with tracking down his sketches for an outfit he designed to celebrate the Dragonstar Trade Hall’s anniversary.

You can check out the full patch notes on the Swords of Legends Online official site for the lowdown on the newly added content.