Tactical RPG Langrisser Mobile Releases January 22nd

The classic tactical RPG series Langrisser gets a mobile release on January 22nd. The mobile version aims to stay faithful to the original's gameplay, keeping its terrain effects and customizable class trees intact, as well as the original composer. The game's class system, like the main series, lets players upgrade and change each hero's class based on the situation and strategize accordingly.

Game Features:

  • Unit types against theory, terrain elements and strategy planning are critical to success
  • Perfectly re-experience over 300 classic levels
  • Original Langrisser class transfer system with over 80 heroes for an almost infinite number of battle combinations.
  • Popular characters of original series return
  • Original PVP battle system
  • Original score by composer Noriyuki Iwadare
  • Classic background music of past series

The Langrisser series debuted in 1991, and has since become a mainstay in the genre, with five main titles in the series and many remakes and spinoffs.

Download: iOS and Android