TemTem, a Pokemon Inspired MMO, Begins Early Access on January 21

temtem logo monsters

TemTem, an MMO inspired by Pokemon, is launching into early access on January 21, 2020. The game originally raised money through Kickstarter in early 2018 and is finally launching publicly. Unlike other Kickstarter titles, by the time TemTem raised money on Kickstarter, it was already a nearly complete game.

TemTem Gameplay Trailer

Key Features Coming to Early Access:

  • 20+ Hour Campaign with 4 Boss Dojos
  • Fully co-op
  • 76 Temtem to catch & trade
  • Full player customization
  • Breeding system
  • Luma (shiny) Temtem
  • PvP battles
  • 3 islands to explore

Key Features Coming Soon:

  • 50% more story content
  • Up to 161+ Temtem
  • 3 more islands
  • Pick & Ban Ranked PvP
  • Mythical Temtem
  • Player housing
  • Player events
  • & much more!

TemTem is the MMO I'm perhaps most hyped for alongside Lost Ark. The concept of a Pokemon like MMO sounds awesome and something I've been looking forward to since I first played Pokemon Red over 20 years ago.

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