The Black Death Update 0.09 Adds Two New Professions, Wellness System


The Black Death Update 0.09 will be going live later today and it will be bringing with it two new professions and a new Wellness system. The two new professions are the Knight, the game's only class that can "equip Full Plate armour and heavy weaponry," and the Outlaw, a class that can "steal from other players and wreak havoc upon the general population by crafting counterfeit goods and posing as other professions." The Knight is upgraded to through the Blacksmith class, whereas the Outlaw is upgraded to through the Beggar.

The new Wellness system will allow players to monitor their "Plague infection level," as well as notify them if their character "is nauseous after eaten rotten food" or "[gets] a headache after staying in certain diseased areas for too long."

The update also includes a Skill Tree revamp and "backend server fixes." You can find more information about the update on Green Man Gaming's blog.

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