The Black Death Introduces The Plague Doctor And The New Profession System

the black death city gateIf being a knight or a hunter in The Black Death isn’t quite doing it for you, maybe being a plague doctor might be more to your liking. The plague doctor profession will be available when the next game patch rolls out. As a plague doctor, you will be dropped into the middle of plague-infested medieval Europe where you’ll get to learn the skills of the trade through a series of introductory quests.

The update will also introduce the new profession system which will feature eight professions with a total of 117 unlockable skills. The new system will allow players to mix and match professions and skills to suit their own playstyle. Personally, a sword wielding plague doctor might be exactly what medieval Europe needs to finally rid themselves of the plague. But that’s just me. Let us know your crazy hybrid profession ideas in the comments section below. You can also check out the official dev blog for more details.