The Black Death Talks About The Economic Effects Of The Plague

the black death plague skeletonIf you’re a medieval history nut then you’ll definitely want to keep your eye on The Black Death. The indie game thrusts players into the middle of 14th century Western Europe where they will be tasked with surviving, adapting, and eventually thriving in a harsh plague-infested environment.

Over the past couple of weeks, developer Small Impact Games’ dev blogs have covered everything from weapons and animation, to crypts, rats, and chamber pots. This week, the team talks about the economic impact of the Bubonic Plague, a.k.a. the Black Death, in Europe.

In addition to musings on lords’ revenues and peasant wages, the developers also revealed plans to release a new Beta build on September 8.

If you’re the least bit curious, go ahead and check out live gameplay footage with the devs in the video below. You can also head over to The Black Death dev blog for more info.

The Black Death - Live Gameplay with Developers!