Titanfall: Assault, Mobile Game based on Titanfall, launches on iOS and Android!

Titanfall 2On my mobile device? It may be more likely than you think! Titanfall: Assault is the latest attempt to bring the Titanfall franchise to mobile devices, after Titanfall: Frontline closed down. It isn't a first person shooter, but neither is it one of those crummy "BUILD YOUR EMPIRE TODAY!" mobile games. No, Titanfall: Assault is an RTS.

“Titanfall: Assault combines the iconic fluid action of Titanfall with a competitive RTS experience to bring the series in an exciting new direction,” said Larry Pacey, co-founder, Particle City. “With its tale of interplanetary conflict and massive mechs battling for the upper hand, the Titanfall universe has all of the ingredients for the type of real-time strategy games we love to play.”

Players will take on the role of a Commander, building a squad of Pilots, Titans, and Burn Cards to suit their playstyle. Players can visit their Hangar to edit their squad, upgrade their titans, and Guilds will be available as well. Players can achieve weekly objectives, share replays, and challenge guildmates to friendly battles. You can check out the trailer for Titanfall 2 down below, but I warn you - it's kind of cheesy. It is a mobile game, after all.