Trove Announces New 'Adventures' Expansion Via Producer Letter

Trove, a decently popular MMO, is happy to announce its next expansion - Adventures! Coming November 14th to Xbox One, PS4, and PC simultaneously, Adventures promises to add a handful of new features focused on social aspects!

Clubs can now level up in the new Adventure system, coming on November 14th. New structures called "fixtures" come into play, which can provide stat boosts and bonuses, such as a new Gem Efficiency stat that reduces dust requirements to upgrade gems. Another fixture gives a Double Hit stat, one that grans a chance to deal double damage in combat.

Forbidden Spires are also a new thing, a new type of biome in Trove that replaces the Uber-6 Prime World, and appears randomly in other worlds. A new mining resource will be added, and you can collect feathers to craft an Ancient Phoenix mount!

  • New Tutorial
  • A new Adventure Window
  • LED Blocks
  • Frameworks
  • Plasma Fishing - just be careful not to burn
  • Frameworks - pre-made block arrangements to be placed down all at once in a club world!
  • And more!

Remember, the Trove: Adventures Update goes live on November 14th. See you there!