Trove Gets Super Hero Themed Expansion

The voxel-based MMO Trove is receiving a new big expansion, and it's theme is Super Heroes. Trion, Trove's development team, has announced today that Trove Heroes will arrive in spring, allowing players to take to the big city and fight evil!

Trove Heroes brings with it Luminopolis, a sprawling technological metropolis inside the Neon City biome. This new area comes with flashy neon skyscrapers and a war between two factions, the Amperium and the Resistors.

Along with Luminopolis, players can look forward to playing a new expert class, the Vanguardian. Capable of both melee and ranged attacks, this new class is a cut above.

Heroes is adding new and exciting features and challenges for players as well, including Mega World Bosses that tower in the sky, and three different types will be available to fight as Heroes launches. Another new and exciting feature coming with Heroes is the Beacon of Heroes, a batman-styled beacon in the sky alerting players to challenges and even summon a special Mega World Boss!

For more information, check out the announcement page here!