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AdventureQuest Worlds

AdventureQuest Worlds, also known as AQ Worlds, is a 2D side-scrolling browser-based MMORPG from Artix Entertainment, and the MMO version of the first AdventureQuest game. Choose from a wide range of characters and dominate the field.

Publisher: Atrix Entertainment
Playerbase: Medium
Release Date: October 10, 2008
Pros: +Easy to learn and play. +Multi-classing system. +Instant travel. +Lots of quests.
Cons: -Simple graphics. -Limited content for non-paying members. -Quests reset upon exiting the game.



AdventureQuest Worlds Overview

Save the lands of Swordhaven from the wrath of Sepulchure’s army! King Eltheon needs your help to drive out those who will destroy all that is good. Choose from four character classes with their own battle roles, from the supportive powers of a Healer, the destructive magic of a Mage, the agility of a Rogue, to the unmatched strength of a Warrior. Get the chance to multi-class and specialize in a multitude of secondary and advanced classes to gain new abilities and superior strength to fight against your foes.

AdventureQuest Worlds Key Features:

  • Wide Range of Characters Selections choose from four classes: Healer, Mage, Rogue, and Warrior.
  • Multi-Class System – players are able to upgrade their characters by choosing a secondary class.
  • Real-Time Battle Mechanics – easy to use point and click system.
  • Instant Travel Feature – makes navigating the world an easy experience.
  • Repeatable Quests – quests can be repeated as many times as a player desires.

AdventureQuest Worlds Screenshots

AdventureQuest Worlds Featured Video

AdventureQuest Worlds - Darkovia TV Commercial


AdventureQuest Worlds Classes:

Players can play any of the basic classes but need to pay real money to unlock the advanced classes.

  • Healer – support units that assist allies on the battlefield with their healing magic. Their healing abilities allow them to easily solo the game.
  • Mage – magic users that can deal massive damage to the enemies. Mages provide high area of effect damage that can level the playing field.
  • Rogue – agile melee units that can inflict large damage to enemies but have low life and defense. Rogues specialize in quickly eliminating enemies.
  • Warrior – a strong melee fighter with high HP and defense capabilities. Warriors also have high physical damage.

Full Review

AdventureQuest Worlds Review

By Toan Layne

AdventureQuest Worlds, also known as AQ Worlds, is a 2D free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from Artix, an independent video game developer and publisher known for creating browser-based role-playing games using the Flash and Unity engines and has recently begun developing games for mobile platforms including iOS and Android. The game was officially released on October 10, 2008.

The game is set in the medieval-magical fantasy world of Swordhaven, a kingdom under attack by Sepulchure, a powerful Doom Knight leading an army of demons and dragons. The game is the predecessor of Artix’s AdventureQuest which is set in a similar world but unlike the previous game features a persistent world. Players are tasked with defending the kingdom from the imminent threat of destruction. The game was developed using Adobe Flash and, like most flash games, features 2D cartoony graphics. The game also features upbeat rock melodies reminiscent of the hack and slash MMO, Grand Chase Auto. The game’s overall feel seems like it’s targeted towards younger audiences. Although, how kids can afford to pay for all the locked features is beyond me.

Character Creation

Like most browser-based games, character creation in AQ World is a simple no-fuss affair. Players can initially choose from one of four character classes before switching to more advanced ones later in the game. After choosing their class, players are then given the chance to customize their character’s looks. Even though customization is limited to hair, skin, and eye color, the game still offers plenty of options compared to other free-to-play browser-based games.

Your Adventure Begins

Upon entering the game, new players are shown a quick, albeit mildly hilarious, cutscene. After the cutscene, players go through a quick tutorial on basic controls and gameplay. For veterans of RPG games, this tutorial can be skipped and will immediately bring players to the starting zone. Being an MMORPG, the core part of the game involves the age-old quest system which will, once again, have players running around killing mobs and collecting items for the locals while moving from one area to the next. Fortunately, moving from one town to the next is as simple as clicking a button via the game’s instant travel feature. Most of the quests in the game are repeatable quests, which, as the name implies, can be repeated by players to their heart’s content for added experience. However, this isn’t really necessary since the main quest line rewards players with enough experience to level up at a pretty good pace. The game is story-driven and gives players the option to embark on story-based quests with a few clicks on the menu. The game features a basic storyline of good versus evil which, while a bit clichéd, is still better than most browser-based games of the same genre.

Flashy Combat… Get it?

Combat in AQ Worlds involves a simple point and click system with the number keys used to cast skills and abilities. Battles are easy and relatively unchallenging which only reinforces the fact that this was a game made for kids. The game also features the classic Level/Job (known as Rank in-game) system similar to Ragnarok Online. Gaining levels automatically raises a players stats while gaining Rank unlocks skills and also automatically improves previously unlocked skills. Upon reaching Rank 5, players can specialize into advanced classes and again at Rank 10. Players can also combine classes but the choices are severely limited since most advanced classes need to be purchased to be unlocked. For example, a Rank 10 Healer can multi-class as a Paladin once he gets his Warrior to Rank 10 since the Warrior class can be played for free. He will, however, need to purchase other advanced classes if he wants more choices.

Not Everything Is Free

While AQ Worlds is free-to-play, there are a number of payment walls that players will encounter. The game’s payment model requires players to subscribe to unlock most of its features, including advanced classes, player housing, and members-only areas. In addition to subscribing, players may also purchase Adventure Coins using real world money which they can exchange for premium items in the game’s cash shop. Again, I just can’t imagine kids paying real money just to unlock these features.

Prepare For Battle

An MMORPG wouldn’t be complete without a way to test your strength against other players, trash-talking included. In AQ World, players can compete in 1v1 or 8v8 instanced battlegrounds—winning reputation and combat trophies. Combat Trophies can be exchanged for unique rewards, including potions and scrolls. Players can join the PVP queue at any time by speaking with the NPC Tutorial Man in Battleon.

Final Verdict - Good

Adventure Quest World is a fun, friendly and casual game. The game’s graphics and sounds are child-friendly but can also be played by the young at heart. The fact that most of the game’s features need to be unlocked using real world money is definitely one of the game’s low points. The game can still be played without paying but for 2D flash-like graphics you’re better off trying out other free-to-play games out there.


AdventureQuest Worlds Screenshots


AdventureQuest Worlds Videos

Playlist: AdventureQuest Worlds

System Requirements

AdventureQuest Worlds Requirements

Operating System: XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Equivalent
Video Card: Any Graphics Card (Integrated works well too)
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Disk Space: 100 MB (Cache)

AdventureQuest Worlds is a browser based MMO and will run smoothly on practically any PC. The game was tested and works well on Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox and Chrome. Any modern web-browser should run the game smoothly.


AdventureQuest Worlds Music

Additional Info

AdventureQuest Worlds Additional Information

Developer: Atrix Entertainment
Publisher: Atrix Entertainment
Game Engine: Adobe Flash

Release Date (Alpha): June 2, 2008
Release Date (Beta): August 18, 2008
Release Date (Live): October 10, 2008

Development History / Background:

AdventureQuest Worlds, also known as AQ Worlds, is a 2D free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from Artix, an independent video game developer and publisher known for creating browser-based role-playing games using the Flash and Unity engines and has recently begun developing games for mobile platforms including iOS and Android. The game was officially released on October 10, 2008. AdventureQuest Worlds reached six million registered accounts in May 2009, nine million two months later, and currently has over 30 million registered accounts.


  • a great first mmo for people of all ages. A lot of people may scoff at this game only being for little kids, but this game is actually pretty damn enjoyable and a nice casual, simple mmo. The storyline and the daily/weekly events are why people play this game and also the boss battles are pretty cool

  • I remember playing this with my cousing back in the old days.
    Was a good fun but never sticked around for too long, had many alts that didn't even pass quarter of the content, lol.

    Another game to go with that was MechaQuest or something like that, which was very fun as well.

  • I only played 7 years and still enjoy the game. Not entirely happy with how much attention members recieve (I was a member).but it is still fun.

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