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BattleStick is an action MMO where players are stick figures in an arena armed with various crude weapons. Beat opponents senseless in this crazy and chaotic 2D game.

Publisher: Pinterac
Playerbase: Low
Type: Action MMO
Release Date: May 6, 2016
Pros: +Low system requirements. +Easy to pick up. +20-player battles.
Cons: -Awkward controls. -Lots of bugs and latency issues. -Very basic and rocky gameplay.


BattleStick Overview

BattleStick is an action MMO developed and published by Pinterac. The game is available via Valve's Steam service with a standalone client and as a browser-based game. In BattleStick, players are stick figures armed with basic weapons like a bow or a shuriken. Battle it out in a 2D arena with up to 20 players. Choose from various skins to make your stick figure stand out, including a Ninja or Cowboy skin. Gain a spot on the server's leaderboard for dominating the fight. Pretend to be dead by making your stick figure collapse. Other features include an in-game currency system and a player level system.

BattleStick Key Features:

  • Massive Battles – play with up to 20 players simultaneously.
  • Equip Yourself  weapons like bows and knives can be equipped with different ranges, cooldowns, and damage.
  • Level Up – players can acquire experience to level up and unlock various features in-game.
  • Choose a Skin – from Bears to Ninjas, there are various skins to make your stick figure stands out.

BattleStick Screenshots

BattleStick Featured Video

[OFFICIAL] Trailer Battlestick - MMO Game 2016

Full Review

BattleStick Review

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BattleStick Screenshots


BattleStick Videos

[OFFICIAL] Trailer Battlestick - MMO Game 2016

System Requirements

BattleStick System Requirements

Minimum Requirements: 

Operating System: Windows 7
CPU: 2 GHz
Video Card: Chipset. The game will be able to run in canvas mode with medium performances.
Hard Disk Space: 150 MB available space

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10
CPU: 3 GHz
Video Card: Any recent dedicated graphic card which would be able to make run WebGL.
Hard Disk Space: 200 MB available space

BattleStick is also available as a browser-based game. 


BattleStick Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

BattleStick Additional Information

Developer(s): Pinterac
Publisher(s): Pinterac

Language(s): English, French

Game Engine: Phaser Javascript

Steam Greenlight: June 6, 2015
Steam Greenlight Approved:
August 2015
PC Release Date:
 May 6, 2016

Development History / Background:

BattleStick is an action MMO developed and published by Pinterac. The game was posted on Valve's Steam Greenlight community in June 2015 before receiving approval from the Steam community in August 2015. The game was officially released on May 6, 2015 as a browser-based game with a stand-alone client via Steam. The servers are currently only in France.