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Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings: Last Empire is a mobile strategy MMO for iOS and Android centered on empire-building and conquest. Lay siege to your new headquarters and start re-building from within, gathering a powerful army to eventually take on monsters and other players out in the world.

Publisher: Elex Wireless
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile Strategy MMO
Release Date: December 30, 2014
Pros: +Beginner-friendly. +Great graphics and UI. +Large community.
Cons: -Pay-to-win elements. -Generic strategy elements. -Lots of bugs.

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Clash of Kings Overview

Clash of Kings: Last Empire is a mobile strategy MMO for iOS and Android, developed by the Chinese company, ELEX Wireless. Players begin the game as a leader of an army in the midst of a siege, using their military force to crumble a castle wall and take it over to claim it as their own base of operations. A tutorial then begins, showing the player how to build buildings, collect resources, upgrade structures, train troops, head into combat, and perform research to increase their knowledge. It features gameplay very similar to the popular Game of War, such as its RPG-style Hero, with the full ability to equip a set of armor and head into combat, or its robust Alliance system that allows players to band together and take on massive group objectives for great rewards. Despite the similar name, Clash of Kings has no relation to the very popular Clash of Clans.

Clash of Kings Key Features:

  • Build an Empire – construct your city in real-time under the threat of enemy invasion at all times of the day and night.
  • Join an Alliance – apply to join an organized Alliance of players that can offer help with construction times, join in NPC battle events, and fight other Alliances, pillaging enemy player bases.
  • Gear Up a Hero equip your Hero with a full set of armor to lead in combat.
  • Research Trees – build a College and pick from four research trees to focus on: City Development, Resources, City Defense and Military branches.
  • PvP Focus – scout and attack your neighbors and participate in events for awesome rewards and ranking on the game’s boards.

Clash of Kings Screenshots

Clash of Kings Featured Video

Official Clash of Kings by Elex Inc Launch Trailer Android

Full Review

Clash of Kings Review

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Clash of Kings Screenshots


Clash of Kings Videos

Clash of Kings - Two Year Anniversary Video

System Requirements

Clash of Kings Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 2.3.3 or later / iOS 7.0 or later


Clash of Kings Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Clash of Kings Additional Information

Developer: ELEX Wireless
Publisher: ELEX Wireless

Language(s): English, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, French, German, Ukrainia

Platform(s): Android, iOS

Release Date: December 30, 2014

Development History / Background:

Clash of Kings: Last Empire was developed and published by the Chinese studio ELEX Wireless, which is also responsible for Age of Warring Empire, Happy Farm, and Battle Alert. Clash of Kings is available in over twenty languages worldwide, and is meant to capitalize on the popularity and success of Game of War: Fire Age, being very similar in many aspects. The game was released in the West on December 30, 2014 and is available globally.



  • Similar to Civilization V. Build buildings, raise troops, attck other players. New elements that Civ didn't have: join faction alliances and help each other out. The game IS addicting and fun bur has major flaws:
    1. It is a pay
    to win game. You CAN get by with just in game resources but as you
    advance build times lengthen until you find yourself paying real money
    for in game gold so you don't have to wait five to fifteen hours on
    building queues.
    2. There is very little in the way of stroy. The
    quests are extremely simple: kill 3 of these. Build that, achieve this
    skill. No lot or complexity at all.
    3. There are player killers.
    Some guy parks a level 20 castle next to yours and attacks over and
    over until you have no troops and no resources

  • This game is crap !! It lags, kicks u off doesn't do 3 second recall when it is supose to!! Takes 1 min done times .. I put shirk up got attacked because it lagged!! Help center won't talk to you if they don't like your question!!! There are several people ready to quit!!! Enjoy??

  • The game is junk, but you won't know it until after a week or two when you realize how futile your attempts are to build a castle... only to have it destroyed by an OP PKer who gets alot more from ruining your gaming experience than you do trying to "Beat the pay-to-win" system.

    Don't play Clash of Kings. Instead... try Path to Exile (completely free to play, only can pay for cosmetics which do not affect game play). To the makers of Clash of Kings.. please go die in a fire...

  • Clash of kings is a horrible game. It's run by the mods and deva who play favorites. It's rigged to make you believe spending 30.00 a week will give you an advantage. You must watch your castle 16 hours a day to defend from attack. It's an epic waste of time and money.

  • Clash of Kings is a Chinese game. We have spent over a year now complaining to Elex about their inconsistent rules enforcement. Mainly the use of auto farm programs that the Chinese players use to gain unlimited resources and gold and are never banned for. Recently we found out why... Elex also owns the auto farm programs and leases them by the month to Chinese players. This game is a complete waste of time. You cannot compete against others when you are forced to pay for or gather constantly and they only have to push a button. I've spent a lot of money and time here, only to just now realize how unfair and racist Chinese players and game developers are. Now here is yet another Prestige Castle that will never be played again. If it is a game having any affiliation with ELEX... Don't walk... run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

  • Garbage game with ZERO customer service, The bugs and lagging are so bad this game is basically unplayable, Oh, and the crooked Elex developers not only allow, but encourage and help the Chinese to cheat in this game. Elex = garbage!

  • Epic fail, If you wan't to Start a new game, you need to, A) move to a New Server or B) Bind your City to Facebook or Gmail if you wan't to stay on the same Server, be for you can start a new game, and there lots of Add and Spam in Chat rooms.


  • Where are rewards for older castle with this new update?

  • Guess only for Chinese

  • DO NOT play this game. I spent a month and $50 bucks here (I have the money and I wont miss it). But you spend a month building a force..seriously...a month farming and mining and building, and some asshole will come wipe it out in 3 mins..it just happened to me. You cannot protect yourself from bullies. There is no level-protected area; no area where you play with people of your relative skill. The largest chinese 'gangs rule each kingdom and they will come wipe you out for no reason and no gain. I am warning you not to waste your time like I did. I was having fun, but if you cannot protect your investment, then why play? If I go back to the game and start over, I will just die again. As others have said here, there is no customer service, too. What a shit game. Guess I will go back to 'pay' games where my money wont be wasted.

  • This game is for the Chinese players only.....I am in 1508 kingdom and we are clearly the stronger alliances top 3 and the Chinese king does not even attempt to defend his throne in kvk. He just kills monsters til there 8s only 5 minutes left on throne battle stage. Then He ports the opposing castle that has rally on throne and it automatically disband the rally then he attacks throne with one troop and retains kingship. It is gear3d for the Chinese and No one is gonna change that. The only way to get it changed is all Americans stop playing the game. Thus stop spending money on the game. My p6 was a waste of time and m9ney and effort off to find a better game. Anything but a chin3se based game. Never will I play another one that is based on Chinese based business.

  • Sinbk Legend #retired

    Fuc this game.. if you're not Chinese you won't win

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