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Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is an anime-inspired, 3D Fantasy MMORPG with cute, simple graphics and gameplay elements. Cloud Nine is the sequel to Holic Online and is known as Holic 2 in Asia. The game has three races, six classes, and two warring nations to chose from.

Publisher: RedFox Games (Previously NetGame)
Playerbase: Low
Release Date: November 24, 2009
Shut Down Date: September 5, 2017
PvP: Faction Wars / Guild Battles
Pros: +Cute monster designs. +Easy to learn. +Low system requirements. +Collectible monster cards. +Pet and monster transformation system.
Cons: -Incomplete English translation. -Bare-bones visuals and gameplay. -Low playerbase and limited updates.


Cloud Nine Overview

The sequel to Holic Online, Cloud Nine has the same anime style only better! Known as Holic 2 in Asia, Cloud Nine offers three playable races and six classes to chose from. Each class can select a sub-class upon reaching Level 20, which uses a portion of the original class' skill set. Another interesting feature is the monster card feature, which allows players to tame nearly any monster in the game and even transform into monsters. Cloud Nine offers a very simple MMORPG experience. Players must join either the nation of Primus Union or Ganav Libero, and may form guilds to take on more difficult monsters or to battle other players. The game shut down on September 5, 2017.

Cloud Nine Key Features:

  • Collect 'Em All – this MMORPG features collectible monster cards, which players can gain by taming any monster in the game. These cards also allow players to transform into said monster.
  • Cute Graphics – ever wanted to be part of a 3D anime experience? Now is your chance! Cloud Nine features simple and cute graphics.
  • Complex Marriage System – it's not just a matter of clicking one button. The marriage system in this game takes it very seriously, making sure both parties are committed before handing out them marriage certificates.
  • Three Different Crafting Trees choose from three different crafting skills, create your own items and gear, and trade/sell with others.
  • Master and Apprentice – an interactive master-and-apprentice system that makes the game fun to learn with the help of friends or strangers.

Cloud Nine Screenshots

Cloud Nine Featured Video


Cloud Nine Classes & Races


  • Seneka – created by the gods themselves, the Seneka have strong spiritual ties and are highly intelligent. Their relentless pursuit of growth and development puts them at odds with the Matsuka Tribe.
  • Koshare – descending from the Earth itself, the Koshare are very bold and strong enough to swing large weapons despite their small size. Koshares can live for over 200 years, but there are few of them left in the aftermath of the War of Gods.
  • Matsuka – born of the flames during the world's creation, the Matsuka are a mixture of animal and human forms. They place high value on harmony with nature and thus disdain crafting and technology. Their beliefs put them in tension with the Seneka.

Male and Female versions of each race are available.


  • Cleric – a support class specialized in protecting and rejuvenating teammates in battle. They draw their power from their contract with the fairies of Lunatia.
  • Hunter – masters of rapid, ranged attacks. Hunters take down their opponents before they even have a chance to respond using a combination of disabling and slowing skills.
  • Mage – wielding both divine and demonic powers, Mages are powerful forces on the battlefield. Their low defense makes them vulnerable in close range.
  • Monk – experts at controlling their own physical power and the flow of Ki, monks can take on a variety of roles in battle. They can specialize as either damage dealers or tanks.
  • Rogue – stealthy fighters who rely on their high mobility and deception to strike their foes from behind. Rogues are capable of dealing highly fatal blows to their victims.
  • Warrior – the bravest and best armored class on the battlefield. Warriors are front-line fighters who protect their allies and face their enemies head on.

Sub-class choice available at Level 20


  • Primus Union – made up of hundreds of merchant guilds who were united by a visionary man named Vakaven Kahharl. Primus Union is the center of trade and crafting in the world. It is the largest nation and continues to expand its frontiers.
  • Ganev Libero – as streams of wanderers and travelers continued to flow into the city of Ganev Libero, its strength grew. Eventually, the five elders of the city came together to form a nation out of the various hunting and farming peoples who made their way to Ganev Libero.

Each nation has an independent starting zone and a player's nation choice applies for all characters on the account.

Full Review

Cloud Nine Review

By Toan Layne

Cloud Nine, known as Holic 2 in Korea, is a 3D, anime-inspired, fantasy MMORPG developed by Mgame and released originally in Korea in 2008. The game was later published in North America by Netgame late in 2009. Netgame shut it down in late 2016, but RedFox Games picked it up shortly afterwards. Cloud Nine is a sequel to Holic with similar but updated graphics, which are also similar to games like Fly For Fun and Eden Eternal.

Starting Cloud Nine

Right off the bat, players must choose which faction to join. Cloud Nine offers the choice between 2 factions: Primus Union or Ganav Libero. The faction players pick has almost no effect on gameplay – the only difference is players can’t attack members of the same faction. Players can’t change their faction later on, so all characters created on their account will be a part of the same faction.

Players will immediately notice that the character creation, while limited in some ways, is still pretty impressive. There are quite a few options when it comes to changing hairstyle, hair color, and face type, so people who enjoy making their characters look unique should still be able to feel satisfied. Players can choose between three races and six classes, and upon reaching Level 20, can also pick another class to have as a “subclass.” The subclass can be changed at any time by using the class revolving skill under “Aid Skills.”

After creating a character, players start the game. While there’s no solid tutorial, the first few quests are guided with the system occasionally auto-directing players to the right area and showing them how to work the game. The controls are very basic, using WSAD and point-and-click controls, so the tutorial isn’t needed for most players, but it can’t be skipped.

The gameplay and experience gain are fast-paced, and there are plenty of quests available which takes players quickly across the game world. The lower level monsters aren’t confined to the main starting area, so players get the chance to explore other areas as early as Level 6, which makes the game feel less repetitive. While a lot of the environments look very similar, the open fields make the world seem more expansive.

Skill Tree and Race Skills

While the skill tree in Cloud Nine is pretty average, players can learn race skills that raise their stats, and weapon training skills that raise their weapon prowess. The race skills and weapon training are nice additions to the usual skill trees, and are what really stand out about the skill tree system. Other than that, it works pretty much the same way as any other skill tree: players gain one skill point upon leveling up that can be used to obtain or upgrade skills.

Find Love

Like in a lot of MMORPGs, Cloud Nine has a marriage system. However, it isn’t as straight forward as proposing and then getting married. It’s one of the most complicated marriage systems I’ve seen before, but it’s interesting to say the least. Players must purchase a blueprint for a couple ring, gather the materials needed, and craft the ring. Both players are required to have a couple ring, and if the proposal is accepted, both lose their rings. If the person asking is rejected, only they lose their ring. After becoming a couple, players must reach a Love Rank of 5 before being able to propose marriage. Each day both players in the relationship can get a love voucher from the couple NPC. These vouchers are shown as hearts and 60 hearts are needed to reach Love Rank 5. After this, players can propose and get engaged by purchasing the wedding item set from the Square Mall (in-game cash shop), and then reserve a wedding hall. Weddings are held every hour, so at the next available time players will be transported inside the wedding hall. It is a long process, but not without rewards. Players who are married receive two special buffs that can be used to increase VIT and LCK, but it can only be used when both players are in a party together.


There are three craft skills in Cloud Nine, but players can only learn one. It’s possible to change to a different craft later on, but players have to start over from scratch and work their way back up to the higher levels. There’s jewelcrafting, metalworking, and alchemy. Jewelcrafting lets players make necklaces, earrings, and jewels that can be used to increase stats. Metalworking allows players to create armor, weapons, and keys, while alchemy gives players the ability to create potions. All three crafts are useful and players can pick the one that suits their playstyle the best. Players can hunt, mine, and fish to obtain materials for crafting.


Cloud Nine has a lot of good things going for it, but one of those things is not PvP. While I’m not the biggest fan of dueling, the game felt like it was missing something by not having any sort of system for it. Even if it was level- or region-restricted, Cloud Nine could have really benefited by adding some sort of dueling system. Players can kill other players of the opposing faction, but that’s not exactly dueling because players don’t formally decide to fight each other. The only PvP modes available are nation wars and guild house wars. In nation wars, Primus Union and Ganav Libero members fight each other. In guild house wars, two guild houses fight each other. Players are able to join a PvP mode called Requital, where guilds compete against each other by hunting monsters for prizes; other than that, there isn’t anything special about the PvP in Cloud Nine.

Become Someone’s Master (Or Apprentice)

Cloud Nine features a master-and-apprentice system, where players can become someone’s apprentice or master. An apprentice/master relationship gives the apprentice a charm of experience and a few whistles that can be used to summon their master, which comes in handy if players find themselves in a sticky situation; by using the whistle, their master can come and aid them. The master in the relationship receives a little bit of fame every time the apprentice gains a level. To start the relationship, the master must be above Level 40 and the apprentice below Level 30. To start, one of the players must right-click the other's portrait and select “master & apprentice.” If the other player says yes, both of these players enter into the relationship together. The relationship can be renounced at any time and once the apprentice reaches Level 30, they graduate. After graduating, the relationship is automatically disbanded and both players receive a permanent, reusable item that grants a 30-minute buff.

Monsters and Pets

There are a lot of things players can do with monsters and pets in Cloud Nine; it’s easily the most extensive feature in the game. Players can get mounts, pets, transform into monsters, and receive monster cards. There are plenty of mounts available in Cloud Nine once you get Level 25+ and they are much faster than walking. They also absorb some of the damage dealt to the player while mounted.

Players can get pets in a few different ways. Some pets are given as quest rewards and some are only obtainable through mining, fishing, and gathering. The other way to get pets is to capture monsters. To capture a monster, you need a capturing gourd, which is received as a reward for filling out an entire monster card collection book. Pets can be equipped with items and fight alongside players.

Monsters in Cloud Nine sometimes drop monster cards, which players can right-click to add to their monster card collection book. There’s a new book in every town with that region's monsters in it. Collecting monster cards is fun. There's also a neat feature where each card has a brief description of the monster. After completing a book, players can be rewarded with pet-capturing items. Along with capturing monsters and using them as mounts, players can also temporarily transform into monsters. Players can get monster transformation cards and use them to transform into that monster. While playing as the monster, players will lose all their own stats and acquire the stats and skills of the monster, so it’s always better to transform into stronger monsters. NPCs will attack if players are transformed, so it’s best to transform away from them. If a player kills another user, that user will sometimes become “infected” and turn into that monster. I really enjoyed transforming into monsters; it was fun and can be useful when players find themselves under-leveled in a stronger area.

Square Mall

The item mall in Cloud Nine is basically your run-of-the-mill item mall. It can only be accessed through the game, but the items sold on it can be seen on the website. Special items, like outfits,
teleportation scrolls, mounts, and other convenience items, can be purchased through Square Mall after buying Ncash, Netgame’s special currency.

Final Verdict: Fair

Cloud Nine is a basic but decent MMORPG with cute graphics, a melodious soundtrack, and a lot of useful features. While there are some problems, like translation errors and glitches, they don’t use cause too much of an issue. My only real complaint is that Cloud Nine offers no dueling PvP option. If you're looking for a simple MMORPG with cute graphics and low system requirements, Cloud Nine is worth a shot.


Cloud Nine Screenshots


Cloud Nine Videos


Cloud Nine Links

Cloud Nine Official Site
Cloud Nine Wikia (Database / Guides)

System Requirements

Cloud Nine System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.2 GHz / AMD 1600+
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce Ti 4200/ ATI Radeon 9000
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Disk Space: 8 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or AMD equivalent or better
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 / ATI Radeon 9250 or better
RAM: 1 GB or better
Hard Disk Space: 8 GB


Cloud Nine Music & Soundtrack

Additional Info

Cloud Nine Additional Information

Developer: Mgame

Closed Beta Date: October 26, 2009
Open Beta Date: November 24, 2009

Relaunch (Redfox) Open Beta: September 28, 2016

Shut Down Date: September 5, 2017

Development History / Background:

Cloud Nine is the sequel to Holic Online and is known as Holic 2 in much of Asia. The developer and publisher Mgame currently offers services directly in the USA, Korea, and Japan, but the game can be accessed from any region. The game shut down on September 5, 2017.