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Crown of the Gods

Crown of the Gods is a 2D browser-based city-building MMO that puts players in the shoes of a budding Roman governor with the goal of turning their small town into a mighty empire. The game features a real-time building, production, and recruitment system.

Publisher: Gaming Addict Studios
Playerbase: Medium
Type: City-building
Release Date: January 23, 2016
PvP: Persistent Unit-based PvP
Pros: +Balanced micro-transaction model. +Gameplay and combat focused on teamwork.
Cons: -Unoriginal gameplay concept. -Low quality 2D visuals. -Lacks any type of audio. +Overly-cluttered interface.



Crown of the Gods Overview

Take on the role of a newly-appointed Roman governor on a quest to attain the crown in the 2D browser-based city-building MMO Crown of the Gods. Guide and govern an unknown city-state and turn it into a formidable and mighty empire. Manage every aspect of your city, from construction and gathering resources, to recruiting armies and making sure that citizens are well fed. Enlist a variety of unit types and build an army capable of defending your growing empire and take out anyone that stands in your way. Battle other players in real-time–unit-based combat, lay siege to their castles, and crush them with your military might. Build solid alliances and friendships to help you rise to the top of the rankings.

Crown of the Gods Key Features:

  • Real-time Empire Building – slowly build your city into a massive empire by constructing buildings and fortifications..
  • Real-time Combat – enlist over 15 different troops to attack other cities or defend your territories from attack in real-time.
  • Naval Units – take to the high seas and build a fleet to sink the competition or conquer cities in other continents.
  • Might vs Diplomacy – master the art of diplomacy to build strong alliances or use your military might to crush opponents.
  • Siege System – besiege enemy cities and castles and force their troops to desert due to starvation.

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Crown of the Gods Links

Crown of the Gods Official Site
Crown of the Gods Wikia [Database/Guides]

System Requirements

Crown of the Gods System Requirements

Any Java-script enabled browser.


Crown of the Gods Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Crown of the Gods Additional Information

Developer: Gaming Addict Studios
Publisher: Gaming Addict Studios

Closed Beta: January 23, 2015
Open Beta: January 23, 2016

Official Launch Date: January 23, 2016

Development History / Background:

Crown of the Gods is a free-to-play 2D brower-based–city-building MMO developed and published by independent gaming company, Gaming Addict Studios. The game went into its first Closed Beta phase on January 23, 2015 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Crown of the Gods went through two more rounds of Closed Beta testing before finally opening to the public as an Open Beta release on January 23, 2016.

  • emmab

    I totally understand that they're in beta testing phase... but they are taking people's money and so I think everyone expects the game, at the least, to be fair.

    But it's very clear to many people playing that unless you're an old friend of Gordy's, who (surprise, surprise) looks after the game server databases, then you don't have a chance of competing. I don't know whether he's deliberately rigging the game for his pals or else that he's not punishing them for using hidden exploits, but it stinks either way, and makes the game pointless for the rest of us.

    cotg could honestly have been alright. I mean it looks pretty terrible (come back 1998, your lowrez gifs are forgiven!) and it's frustratingly buggy (don't take my word for it, see the cotg forums for details of random security certificate errors, disconnects, login issues, and if I hear the devs/mods say "clear your cookies" or my personal favorite "turn off hardware acceleration in chrome" one more time, I'll scream)... but it still had a flavor (although a pretty mild one, at best) of LoU.

    However, the fastest way to wreck your own game is letting the developers cheat/help their friends while taking cash from the general public - there's no way to fix that reputation once it takes hold.

    Before anyone suggests I'm saying this because I'm a "bitter loser"... I started playing more than halfway through the fixed-length W01, so I knew I had no way to compete anyway, and didn't even try. I was just there to see how it compared to LoU, and whether it would be worth playing fresh after the next reset. I ran into a number of other dissatisfied players who had been there from the moment the server opened who were happy to shed some light on all the "strange" goings-on that I was seeing with my own eyes.

    Maybe they'll fix it, maybe they won't. It's been months now, and it's it's been totally ruined by cheats.

    Don't take my word for it, read their own forums.


    A pity 🙁

    • zero

      Bitter loser, oh yeah, just that, nothing more. The game is great, and is really free unlike the many other "freemium games"
      No cheating just skill, my man.

    • Adam

      The game is terrible. It is unfair, no matter what they claim. They do not ban cheaters. They give small penalties that mean nothing to the alliance. Emma knows what she is talking about. I played LoU for years. This game is terrible.

  • Empreror

    BTW - The graphics on this COTG review at mmos.com are way out of date. The graphics are a lot more sophisticated now. I have to say this game has been the most addicting experience in my life. Thank you to the creators at Gaming Addict Studios for an intense 2 years of development.

    • Rob Hunter

      Complete garbage ... this guy is Gordy. The graphics are so old school that I can't get anyone to join.

  • Empreror

    COTG is much better than LOU ever was. The game inspires passion which is why you get so many varied viewpoints. Currently you can try the game for free and you never need to spend a dime to do it. The strategy is so deep it takes 10 years to master this game, but like chess it’s easy to learn.
    Play as hard or as easy as you want.

    • Rob Hunter

      Gordy this is shameless. Reviewing your own game is disgusting.

  • Arkloki

    Null Game

    lag, a lot of bug, a customer service to shit, changes in the mechanics
    to force out the wallet and spend a lot of money ...

    We are very far from Lord of ultima

  • Paul Hamilton

    Complete sham run by con artists

  • Pleasesorthisout

    Many good things about this LoU revival game but serious questions remain about the integrity of the devs. Those who know them and have $ seem to do well, and complaints about multi-accounts hit a wall of flannel. I hope that they sort this out as it could, with a level playing field, be a great MMORG game in a world where they are rare.