Crown Of The Gods Enters Open Beta January 23rd


Following a number of closed testing phases, the crowdfunded browser strategy game Crown of the Gods will be entering Open Beta on January 23rd. The Open Beta will be the final testing phase before launch. It will also be the first test in which the game speed is set to 1x. All previous tests had been set to 2x or higher.

The Open Beta phase will also introduce 3-day Councillor status as a boss drop. New players will have seven days of protection from other players. Auto-building will be restricted to players ranked Commander or higher.

Open Beta will also mark the beginning of multi-account monitoring. "Parameters for certain in-game activities are set" for accounts that are logged in from the same IP. If these parameters are met or exceeded, the dev team will get in contact with the owner(s) of the accounts to verify that multiple accounts are not in use. If they don't respond within the first 24 hours, the oldest account will have 33% of its empire removed on "all worlds that it is currently active on" and the rest will be deleted permanently.