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Crusaders Of Light

Crusaders Of Light is a colorful persistent world fantasy MMORPG in which players choose between three classes, and join 40 player raids to take down bosses, enter arena battles, and collect new gear in a world brimming with adventure.

Publisher: Netease
Playerbase: Medium
Release Date: April 20, 2017
Pros: +High production value. +40 player raids. +Multiple PvP options. +Persistent world. +Multi Platform.
Cons: -Auto-battling. -Only three classes.

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Crusaders Of Light Overview

Crusaders of Light is a persistent world high-fantasy MMORPG for mobile devices and developed by Chinese studio NetEase. Choose between one of three classes: Mystic, Warrior, or Ranger, and embark on a journey to increases your power. Reach level 45 and unlock the advanced character progression system to harness your character's true potential. Explore a 3D world brimming with pirate ships, dangerous beaches, verdant forests, and precarious dungeons. Join a guild, and band together in a raid of 40 players to fight the most formidable bosses in the land. Uncover lost treasures, and equip yourself with looted gear to enhance your stats and increase your powers as a hero. Then engage other players in the arena, in either 1v1, 3v3, or 5v5 tactical fights, where the team that works together, wins together. Or, take part in 25v25 battlegrounds to hone your skills. The game's visuals were inspired by World of Warcraft and look beautiful.

Crusaders Of Light Key Features:

  • 40 Player Raids - band together in a raid of 40 players to stomp through dungeons and take down treacherous bosses.
  • Three Classes - choose to play as either a Warrior, Mystic, or Ranger.
  • Advanced Progression - at level 45 players unlock the advanced character progression system.
  • Arena PvP - take to the arena with friends and test your might in 1v1, 3v3, or 5v5 matches.
  • Battleground PvP - join the chaos of 25v25 large-scale battles to hone your skills.

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System Requirements

Crusaders Of Light System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.0 and up or iOS 8.1 and up


Crusaders Of Light Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Crusaders Of Light Additional Information

Developer: NetEase
Publisher: NetEase

Announcement Date: April 20, 2017

Soft Launch: April 20, 2017
Release Date: July 13, 2017

Development History / Background:

Crusaders of Light is developed and published by Chinese studio NetEase Inc. The game was announced on April 20, 2017, and soft launched on the same day in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. Crusaders of Light launches globally soon after the soft launch.

  • Nodoak Dozeer

    Even though it is region locked I was able to try Crusaders of Light on my PC from the US via an PC Emulator as was very impressed. It reminded me of early WoW and so far is the only Android based MMO I can find that looks interesting and has a full Healing/Support role (most others I have investegated are more hack and slash with everyone configured for DPS)...

    If you would also like to try it now before it is fully released you can search Google with the string: 'Crusaders Of Light Download, Installation & Emulator Guide'

  • Gam3

    REWARDS DAILY:- I received 490 talent points for a lousey Agitated Elements quest. I am level 45 with talent of level 46. What a waste of time. Quest rewards never change as we level. Waste of flipping time. Rewards need to increase as we level. Otherwise we are left spending days/weeks just trying to get a decent amount of rewards to enhance our char.

    NOTICE:- Window prompt asking if we want to join events. Like lost manuscript event. The problem is, when you are in a large team like team of 30 or 40, sometimes the team leaders join it, and we don’t even realize we have to click on it to enter it as we have joined for a different event. PLEASE. If a team leader initiates an event, change the prompt window to “Team leader has asked you to join (name of event)

    WORLD QUIZ:- World quiz is useless for higher level players. Rewards are a waste of time. Better for low level players. Makes the game unfair. Rewards should be sorted by level.

    CURRENCY:- What is it with Asian games and so much currency? Medals, gems, locked gems silve, gold so much things you have to acquire, worse still is where the heck do you get all these things. You have to minimize the screen and google most things in the game. So much things you have to buy for your char, becomes too much.

    GRINDING:- The grinding in this game is terrible at higher levels. I have no main quests until talent 50. Its doing the same questlines everyday over and over again that is boring people. Seriously, We do the same quests since we first oined the game over and over and over again. Just because a new questline opens up that we have to repeat every day doesn’t make that any better.

    MISSING EQUIPMENT:- When in the trading shop and looking for equipment, why do we only see the stats of the equipment we may want to buy. How come the equipment we have equipped is not shown as well so we can compare stats. So annoying having to do a print screen of our equipment and making the game smaller so we can compare the trade shop item and the equipment we have on. Need to show both equipment’s together so we can compare stats.

    KWAP TEAM LEADERS:- You get accepted to a team, then 1 second later boss fight starts. Noob tanks bitching that they wanted a dang healer but our icon clearly states DPS. Problem is we don’t get enough time to change our skills. There has to be a delay of some kind so we can assess the team and be able to change from dps to healer.


    TEAM OPTION:- Options to view which teams we have joined and delete the ones we no longer need. Being ported to a team that you’ve already done the questline with another team is annoying if you’re doing a new questline. Sometimes team leaders take ages to accept players.

    MYSTIC MAYHEM:- Hard enough to keep an eye on HP and Mana, but when you turn healer, we should be able to select up to 4 people keep healing them. If their health is full, then should go to the other team members, but the 1st priority should be on the 4 people. Hard watching HP/Mana then trying to click on Tanks especially in a 40 team you have to click on the team list to view their hp. Really hard. Need a better option to view those we heal
    TEAM SHOUT:- Why does team shout disappear after you join a team. Really suxs. Sometimes you join a team and they are underpowered, too low to enter the type of dungeon they want to do. I end up having to wait for ages for more team invites to appear in shout for what I want when I leave the team.
    TEAM DIFFICULTY:- If a team leader creates a team for like Elemental leader. Make sure it has the difficulty as well, for example Elemental leader torture. Been to many times I joined teams that were doing torture and none of us could even defeat it. Rather stay at hard.
    MISLEADING TEAMS:-eam Leaders that shout for one thing like Scar Plains but we end up doing something different like trial quest. Unfair and a waste of time for players. Misleading. If people create a team for one purpose the game should let them do it for that purpose.
    K’Od:-When accepting team invitation, don’t port us directly where the leader is if he is in a boss fight. Got KO’d immediately when doing guild hunt. Unfair. We should be ported a safe distance is the leader is already engaged in fighting.


    CHAMPION TRIALS:- Need to add level in chat when asking for players to join you.

    For example Join Champion trials NORMAL, or Join Champion Trials Hard.

    I never do normal ones.

    FACTION QUESTS:- Why are we only able to accept 1 at a time? Whats up with all the one clicks. Allow us to accept all quests given by NPCs.

    STORES:- Is it hard to add a scroll bar??? Half the time I don't even realise there are more things on offer as you have no scroll bar or arrows in the stores to show more items. Basic given.

    RAIDS:- When you click raids in the menu it only givesyou the options to go hard or normal. There is no option to port you there without joining a team. I have to close that window, open the map to find it.

    QUESTS:- Magellanas Glory. Doesn't port you to the map area you need if your located on a different map. Means I have to open map to port to the area in question. Should be able to port to locations if it is on a different map location.

  • Gam3

    Game has a short shelf life. Bulk of the game quests are repeatable. You get to repeat the same quests you did at lower levels to the max cap (Lvl 45) every day. Once your character reaches a certain level, new questline is given, consits of about 20 quests before you are forced to do the same repeatable quests over and over again on a daily basis. Item mall is overpriced. Not worth investing money into this because of the excessive pricing. Game has very little info, and will be a steep learning curve for newbies. First 30 levels are good, after that ... ...

  • Austin Blake Davidson

    Game has crashed for 2 weeks for the bulk of CoL playerbase due to an update.... from the CoL forums....NETEASE/CRUSADERS OF LIGHT Forums...Ocho
    Community Relations

    So any app has a complex web of inter-dependencies - this function requires this library requires this OS requires this hardware. With Apple devices it's pretty simple, because there are far fewer unknowns. The number of hardware iterations really makes things easy. With Android based devices it's much much more complicated. Just the nature of the platform. Sometimes understanding what change impacts what device gets really really difficult.

    In the update on the 6th, we did a pretty significant upgrade to our game engine. Now if you read all the documentation, and understand the changes that were made, on its face it doesn't appear that this should change what devices CoL is playable on. But it did. From a communication perspective this is pretty key information to get out there, and we dropped the ball.

    Now the normal request is for a rollback when these sorts of things happen. But in a live service game rollbacks are really really complicated. Rolling back the engine changes means the Update doesn't work at all. Rolling back the Update means that character data is no longer compatible with the core game. We can tackle that, but there is a high degree of risk there. Touching character data in that significant a way is scary, and in order to make it work we'd have to have a long term technical solution for all the other challenges we'd then face. We'd also have to do this on an extremely compressed schedule, because the longer you wait the less reason there is to do it. Ultimately rollback wasn't a choice we could make.

    So this is all pretty cold comfort for the fact that CoL won't run on your tablet anymore. That frankly sucks, and I'm working to impress on the team exactly how much that sucks so we can make better informed decisions in the future. That's my job, to help represent your interests, and I want to apologize for the frustration this causes.