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Divine Souls

Divine Souls is a 3D action MMORPG that features four character classes as well as PvP in a MOBA-style battleground allowing players to lane and carry with the same character they quest and raid with. Its combat is fast-paced and combo-driven, bringing typical MMORPG combat to new heights by making it more action-oriented.

Publisher: Suba Games
Playerbase: Low
PvP: Arenas
Release Date: 2011 (NA/EU)
Pros: +Fluid combat. +Unique moba style PvP. +Gamepad support.
Cons: -Repetitive dungeon crawling. -Poor crafting system. -Limited character customization.



Divine Souls Overview

Divine Souls is a free-to-play 3D action MMORPG with MOBA elements available through the game’s website or through the Steam platform. Pick from four gender-locked classes: Fighter, Slasher, Mage, and Priest to engage in the game’s real-time action combat, inspired by console action games, centered on executing combos, dodging enemy attacks and destroying hoards of enemies to complete quests and level up similar to TERA. Take on instanced dungeons solo or in a party, fighting bosses and completing quests to take on higher difficulty modes or higher level dungeons. Divine Souls also offers a PvP lobby with a ladder ranking system that places you in tiers of progression, judged by the game’s multiple PvP game modes: Round Match, Death Match, Capture the Flag, Break Into and the game’s unique MOBA-inspired game mode, Battlefield, that pits up to sixteen players against each other in a battle to destroy each other’s’ towers at level 20.

Divine Souls Key Features

  • Combo-driven Action Combat – Inspired by console games, players can perform a large amount of combo attacks to batter enemies while dodging their attacks with the game’s multiple escapes.
  • Four Classes (Fighter, Slasher, Mage, Priest) – Each class offers unique abilities and roles in a party.
  • Multiple PvP Game Modes – Pick from an assortment of game rules: Round Match, Death Match, Capture the Flag and Break Into, or delve into the game’s MOBA-inspired PvP, Battlefield.
  • Solo and Multiplayer Dungeons – Take on a countless amount of dungeons either solo or with friends to complete quests and kill difficult bosses. Similar progression to games like Dragon Nest and Vindictus.

Divine Souls Screenshots

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Divine Souls Screenshots

System Requirements

Divine Souls Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP or later
CPU: Any Single Core 2.4 GHz or better Processor
Video Card: GeForce 7 Series+
Hard Disk Space: 4 GB Free Space

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP or later
CPU: Any Dual-Core 2 GHz or better Processor
Video Card: GeForce 8 Series+
Hard Disk Space: 4 GB Free Space


Divine Souls Music

Divine Souls music coming soon!

Additional Info

Additional Info

Developer: Gameprix
Game Engine: Gamebryo Engine
Publisher: Suba Games

Early access date: August 15, 2014 (Suba Games)
Open beta date: November 20, 2014 (Suba Games)

Original Release Date: 2011 (Outspark)

Divine Souls was developed by Game Prix, a Korean game developer, and initially published by Outspark, the original publisher of Fietsa Online. Divine Souls has a rough past; it was originally released in 2011 as an MMORPG and was quickly taken offline for bug fixes and content updates, then was re-released in 2013 after the death of Outspark on Steam Greenlight by publisher Gamengame; then finally was released again with the help of publisher Suba Games. It went live on Steam and on Suba Games’ website in 2014, which included the new MOBA-style battleground that sets the current game apart from its original releases. Divine Souls is also available through Steam.