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In Eldevin players defend the Kingdom against the Infernal Empire in a story-driven MMORPG. Explore over 160 different realms and fight in real-time combat to conquer foes.

Publisher: Hunted Cow Studios
Playerbase: Low
Release Date: November 5, 2014
Pros: +Story-driven. +Diverse realms to explore. +Unique talent/skill system.
Cons: -Graphics are dated. -Small playerbase makes raids and group battles difficult.



Eldevin Overview

Eldevin is a browser-based MMORPG developed and published by the indie game company Hunted Cow Studios. It is also available to play through a desktop client. Join the fray to defend the Eldevin Kingdom against the Infernal Empire in real-time combat with story-driven quests. Players have the freedom to pick and choose from 6 talent trees and a variety of abilities to mold their character to their tastes as nothing is bound to a class. Go questing as a lone wolf or join a group to tackle bosses and dungeons. Explore over 160 different realms with unique creatures, from dank dark caves to lush forests. Became a master of over 14 different professions, crafting and gathering to achieve success. Other features include a pet system, a mount system, PvP, a mailing system, and a guild system.

Eldevin Key Features:

  • Unique Talent/Skill System – characters are not bound to a class, so players can choose to learn talents and abilities from different class-like trees.
  • Well-written Story – no RPG is complete without a solid story. Eldevin enjoys plot-driven gameplay, with top-notch writing.
  • Vast Realms Beckon – with over 160 different realms with unique monsters, Eldevin will keep players busy.
  • Real-Time Combat – skill-based combat system where players must initiate and react to succeed.
  • Extensive Crafting/Gathering – gather and craft a large variety of gears, items, and more. From skinning to farming, players will find plenty to keep them preoccupied.

Eldevin Screenshots

Eldevin Featured Video

Eldevin Steam Release Game Trailer

Full Review

Eldevin Review

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Eldevin Screenshots


Eldevin Videos

Eldevin Launch Trailer

System Requirements

Eldevin System Requirements

Minimum Requirements (Windows): 

Operating System: Windows XP
CPU: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8750 processor or better
Video Card: OpenGL 3.0 support and above
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB

Minimum Requirements (Mac): 

Operating System: Mac OS X version 10.7.3 (Lion) and above
CPU: Intel Core Duo Processor (2GHz or better)
Video Card: OpenGL 3.0 support and above
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB


Eldevin Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Eldevin Additional Information

Developer(s): Hunted Cow Studios
Publisher(s): Hunted Cow Studios

Game Engine: Open GL Engine

Closed Beta Release Date: April 5, 2013
Release Date:
 November 5, 2014
First Expansion Release Date: April 3, 2014 (A Tale of Sands and Shards)

Development History / Background:

Eldevin is a browser-based MMORPG developed by Hunted Cow Studios. Reminiscent of Runescape, Eldevin was first released as a browser-based game before it released its own desktop client after undergoing a game engine update. Eldevin was first released for closed beta on April 5, 2013, because launching a year later in November 2014.