Path Of Exile Is Getting Hundreds Of New Voidborn Reliquary Items This Week

path of exile multiplayer arpg the forbidden sanctum library

Path of Exile will soon have its Voidborn Reliquary collection updated with hundreds of new unique and extremely rare items. Grinding Gear Games has dropped a preview of the release notes for the co-op ARPG’s next update which promises 400 new Reliquary items along with new quality-of-life changes including new audio cues for losing certain types of resources and visual [...]

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Path of Exile's Forbidden Sanctum Expansion Launches Friday, December 9 (PC)

Path of Exile's latest expansion titled 'Forbidden Sanctum' is launching on Friday, December 9th for PC and Wednesday, December 14th for consoles. Forbidden Sanctum will add a whole host of new features to the popular action RPG including a new challenge league and big changes to endgame content. One big change is the introduction of 'Ruthless' difficulty which is an [...]

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Path Of Exile Will Be Nerfing Eldritch Altar Rewards In Forbidden Sanctum

path of exile multiplayer arpg eldritch altar

Grinding Gear Games will be making significant changes to how Eldritch Altars work in Path of Exile when they roll out the multiplayer ARPG’s next major update. The update will reduce the rewards obtained from Eldritch Altars in general with maps, gems, unique items, and influenced items being removed entirely from its reward pool. “Eldritch Altars are currently too rewarding, [...]

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Path Of Exile Dives Deep Into Its New Ruthless Hard Mode Coming In December

path of exile mmoarpg ruthless hard mode art

Grinding Gear Games talks up Path of Exile’s new Ruthless hard mode in its latest dev blog. The new difficulty option will be making its way to the multiplayer ARPG when Expansion 3.20 rolls out next month. “Ruthless (previously codenamed "Hard Mode") is an additional character creation flag alongside Hardcore and Solo Self-Found that allows you to opt-in to extreme [...]

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Path Of Exile Explains Changes To This Year’s Endless Delve System And Rewards

path of exile mmoarpg november 2022 event cosmetics

Grinding Gear Games will be running a series of in-game events in Path of Exile this month starting with Mayhem on November 4th. The event will run for 10 days and will bump up the game’s League modifiers for the ultimate challenge. “The Mayhem event takes classic Path of Exile league modifiers from Anarchy, Invasion, Breach, Ambush, Torment, Harbinger, Delirium, [...]

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Path Of Exile Previews More Adjustments To Archnemesis Mods And Mob Damage

path of exile fantasy arpg lake of kalandra official art

As Path of Exile producer Chris Wilson revealed last week, Grinding Gear Games will be making more adjustments to Lake of Kalandra content to reduce the difficulty of the new challenge league. These changes include limits to the number of Archnemesis mods that certain rare monsters spawn as well as improvements to minion survivability and a reduction in the damage [...]

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