Path Of Exile Unleashes Its New Necropolis Expansion And Its Army Of Angry Spirits

path of exile necropolis spirits banner

Path of Exile is taking players on a journey to the depths of an underworld city as Grinding Gear Games officially rolls out the multiplayer ARPG’s latest expansion. Dubbed Necropolis, the expansion brought forth a new challenge league which pits players against angry spirits wreaking havoc all across Wraeclast. “In the Necropolis League, the wrathful spirits have begun to haunt [...]

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Path Of Exile Officially Unveils Affliction Expansion And Its New Challenge League

path of exile affliction azmeri warlock banner

Path of Exile is taking players on a journey through a dark forest when its Affliction expansion launches on PC next week. The free-to-play expansion will feature the titular challenge league, Ascendancy classes, and a collection of new rewards to earn. The Affliction challenge league will send you off to the Viridian Wildwood, a forest afflicted by a mysterious darkness. [...]

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Path Of Exile Names Its Next Expansion, Official Reveal Set For November 30

path of exile affliction logo

Path of Exile is now counting down the days to the end of its Trial of the Ancestors challenge league as Grinding Gear Games prepares to unveil the online action roleplaying game’s next expansion. In true Grinding Gear fashion, the studio will be hosting a livestream on November 30th where they’ll officially unveil the Affliction expansion and its contents. Surprisingly, [...]

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Path Of Exile Tunes Down Trial Of The Ancestors League And Buffs Its Rewards

path of exile trial of the ancestors tribal chiefs

Grinding Gear Games continues to tweak and polish Path of Exile’s new Trial of the Ancestors League as the studio rolls out another hotfix for the recently released challenge league. The said hotfix improves reward scaling at higher rankings and makes various tweaks and adjustments to creatures and mechanics. You’ll now have better chances of obtaining more valuable rewards and [...]

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Path Of Exile’s Player Count Surges Tenfold Following Its Crucible Expansion Launch

path of exile crucible titan statue

Path of Exile saw a massive surge in its playerbase earlier this week following the release of its Crucible expansion. The MMOARPG’s Steam player count skyrocketed to ten times its usual number just a few hours after the expansion’s launch, peaking at 211,637 concurrent players and setting a new all-time peak concurrency record. The launch rush has died down quite [...]

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