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Endless Gods

Endless Gods is a mobile MMORPG inspired by the epics of Homer. Players are gods in the midst of famous figures of Greek mythology, entrusted with the task of keeping the evil gods at bay through large-scale multiplayer boss battles.

Publisher: NetEase
Release Date: August 2016
Shut Down: February 5, 2020
Pros: +Huge boss battles with multiple players. +Large detailed cities to explore. +Four unique classes.
Cons: -Limited information available. -No Western release.


Endless Gods Overview

Be transported into massive cities as a god in NetEase's Endless Gods, an MMORPG with strong Greek mythology influences. Begin by creating a character from 4 unique gender-locked classes each with distinct roles in combat, such as as support Priest or a tanky Hero. Every class has five special abilities to use in combat that allow them to fill a particular role in fights, whether it be DPS or healing. Tasked with the responsibility of defeating evil gods such as Hades, players must complete quests and defeat bosses in large-scale multiplayer battles. Test your strength against others in the world in PvP combat.

Endless Gods Key Features:

  • Massive Cities – explore and marvel at various cities boasting different cultures and architecture in the game world.
  • Four Unique Classes – choose from four classes that fill particular roles in combat.
  • Epic Boss Battles – bosses are tackled by multiple players at once.
  • Infused with Greek Mythology – the world of Endless Gods is heavily influenced and infused with Greek mythology, including figures like Poseidon and Hades.
  • Large-Scale PvP see how you stand against players of the world in large-scale PvP battles.

Endless Gods Screenshots

Endless Gods Featured Video

Eternal Realm (Endless Of God) 无尽神域 - New MMORPG IOS Game First Video Gameplay Trailer

Full Review

Endless Gods Review

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Endless Gods Screenshots


Endless Gods Videos

Eternal Realm (Endless Of God) 无尽神域 - New MMORPG IOS Game First Video Gameplay Trailer


Endless Gods Links

Endless Gods Official Site

System Requirements

Endless Gods System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.0.3 and up / iOS 9.1 or later.


Endless Gods Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Endless Gods Additional Information

Chinese Title: 无尽神域
Publisher(s): NetEase

Game Engine: NEOX2.0 Engine (custom in-house)

Android Closed Beta Release Date: August 2016 (China only)
Shut Down Date: February 05, 2020

Development History / Background:

Endless Gods is a MMORPG developed and published by NetEase, a giant company in China that is invested in various industries. The game is created with a custom engine called NEOX2.0, which the developers intentionally used to achieve PBR (Physically Based Rendering). The game was released for closed beta testing in August 2016 in China only. The game was shut down on February 05, 2020. It is rumored that Activision Blizzard's Diablo Immortal is based on Endless Gods.

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