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Games of Glory

Games of Glory is a futuristic multiplayer battle arena style game with fast-paced gameplay and an emphasis on teamwork. Games of Glory offers competitive features and a variety of customization options.

Publisher: Lightbulb Crew via Steam
Playerbase: Low
Type: MOBA / Arena
Release Date: April 25, 2017
Pros: +Fast-paced gameplay, quick rounds. +Equip multiple weapons per match. +Built in tournament mode and other eSports features.
Cons: -Only two game modes at launch. -Not as much depth as traditional MOBAs.



Games of Glory Overview

Games of Glory is a mix between a MOBA and a team-based deathmatch fragfest with shooter elements. With no laning phase to worry about, players jump right into the action and take part in quick matches that support up to ten players. Gameplay is largely objective-oriented, as players need to take control of "Capture Points" in order to take down the enemy's force fields, which exposes their Energy Core. Games of Glory places a strong emphasis on its competitive eSports features with the aim of making tournaments and organized play accessible to everyone.

Games of Glory Key Features:

  • Action-Oriented Combat no auto attacks! Players use real-time targeting to aim and dodge attacks.
  • Multiple Weapons equip a variety of ranged and melee weapons before starting a match and switch between them freely.
  • Customize Your Clones customize the appearance of your Clones (champions) by equipping various pieces of equipment.
  • eSports Ecosystem built-in features that make competitive play easily accessible. Take part in and organize tournaments!
  • Multiple Game Modes multiple game modes and maps that support between one to five players per team.

Game Modes:

  • Domination - played with two teams of three, four, or five, each side must defend their Energy Core while trying to destroy the opposing core. Players must capture and hold Victory Points scattered across the map to deactivate the forcefield protecting the enemy's Energy Core.
  • Superstar - played with two teams of one, two, or three, Superstar consists of several short rounds. Each round, a random player on each team is designated as the "superstar" which must be killed by the opposing side to score a victory. The first team to score five victories wins the match.

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System Requirements

Games of Glory System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Any CPU with SSE2 Instruction Set Support (Most CPUs)
Video Card: Any GPU with DX9 Shadow 2.0 support (GeForce 7300 GT or better ideally)
Hard Disk Space: ~3 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Dual Core 2.4 GHz
Video Card: GeForce 260 GTX or better
Hard Disk Space: ~3 GB

Games of Glory has not released official recommended system requirements yet. Our Minimum System Requirements for Games of Glory is based on the official data, but the recommended one is our best estimate.


Games of Glory Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Games of Glory Additional Information

Developer: Lightbulb Crew
Publisher: Lightbulb Crew
Game Engine: Unity 3D Engine

Lead Game Designer: Sacha "Palantir" Duc
Senior Developer: Sebastien "Zbobiwan" Broussaud
Lead 3D Artist: Arnaud "Vonskromel" Barbier
Game Developers: Colin "Adpist", Simon "Simwar" Guerrier
Game Designer: Thibaut "tibo" Charron
Artists: Jerome "Thav" Sounthavong, Kim "Lichthammer" Fournel, Pierre-Dante "Kiwi" Delboulle, Cesar "SizoW" Espejo Pham, Marine Coiffard "Swansel"

Early Access Release: May 27, 2015

Open Beta: April 25, 2017

Development History / Background:

Games of Glory is the first title by French/Swedish game studio Lightbulb Crew. Their goal is to create a competitive eSport that is easily accessible. While Games of Glory is billed as a MOBA, it plays more like a multiplayer brawler like Bloodline Champions. This streamlined approach significantly lowers the learning curve and makes the game much more approachable. The game has made appearances at Dreamhack and several smaller events. Games of Glory entered Early Access on May 27, 2015. Open Beta began on April 25, 2017.