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Genesis A.D.

Genesis A.D. was a sci-fi shooter MMO that mixed tactical combat with parkour and wall-jumping mechanics. Players could pick from one of three classes and fight opponents in multiple game modes.

Publisher: ijji
Type: Shooter MMO
Release Date: November 7, 2010
Closure Date: April 18, 2011
Pros: +Fluid, twitch-based combat. +Three character classes. +Sci-fi theme.
Cons: -Small number of maps. -Weak visuals. -Somewhat generic.


Genesis A.D. Overview

Genesis A.D. was a 3D science fiction shooter MMO that featured fast-paced combat, combining elements of tactical shooters like Alliance of Valiant Arms with parkour-inspired wall jumping found in Gunz: the Duel. At the time of its release, the sci-fi shooter MMO was a relatively unpopulated genre, making this game unique for its time alongside S4 League. It featured multiple game modes, such as the standard team deathmatch, bombing run (inspired by Counter Strike), sniper/knife only mode and more, allowing players to beat their opponents in a myriad of fun ways. Players could pick from classes: Assault, which specialized in front-line combat; Sniper, whose cloaking devices and longrange weapons made them perfect for covert combat; and Supplier, which acted as the game’s medic, as well as being capable of standing toe-to-toe with front-line characters.

Genesis A.D. Key Features:

  •  Three Playable Classes – Pick from Assault, Sniper or Supplier to suit your playstyle and decimate your foes with your class abilities and weapons.
  • Multiple Game Modes – Enter the game lobby and pick from multiple game modes that include team deathmatch, demolition mode, sniper/knife-only mode, as well as others that add depth to the game.
  • Weapon Advancement – Upgrade your weapons with scopes and grenade launchers to fit your gameplay style and give yourself a slight edge over opponents.
  • Tons of Equipment – The in-game store offers a large variety of unique, powerful weapons for each class, that can be equipped into three slots to mix-and-match your favorite weapons.

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Additional Info

Genesis A.D. Additional Information

Developer: Queen’s Soft
Publisher: ijji, Aeria Games

Release Date (Open Beta): November 7, 2010
Closure Date: April 18, 2011

Development History / Background:

Genesis A.D. (also known as Another Day) was developed by Queen’s Soft, a Korean game developer, and published globally by ijji, which is now owned by Aeria Games—publisher of Battlefield Heroes, S4 League, and Echo of Soul. Ijji launched in 2006 and published many well-known games such as Alliance of Valiant Arms, GunZ and Soldier Front. One of its later games was Genesis A.D., which was released in open beta on November 7, 2010, then promptly shut down on April 18, 2011. It then migrated to Aeria Games as Repulse, staying active only for a couple months before it was shut down again.