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Langrisser Mobile

Langrisser Mobile is a mobile turn-based RPG where players travel the continent of El Sallia on a magical quest. Collect and customize heroes in this mobile release of the classic RPG series.

Publisher: ZlongGames
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Mobile RPG
Release Date (Global): January 22, 2019
Pros: +Energetic music. +Full Japanese voice acting. +Real-time PvP. +Strategic combat.
Cons: -Stamina system.

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Langrisser Mobile Overview

Langrisser Mobile is a mobile turn-based RPG based on the RPG series of the same name. Combat is similar to Fire Emblem Heroes and other tactics RPGs, with players completing linear stages and controlling multiple characters on a grid-based map. Each hero has one of ten different class types, including Infantry, Lancer, and Cavalry. These three have a rock-paper-scissors type priority system with each other, where Infantry is weak against Cavalry but strong against Lancer, so every class-type has a clear role depending on the situation. Some heroes have terrain bonuses, letting players customize their party to fit the situation. Every hero has a starting class that branches off into more specialized classes, such as Matthew starting as a Fighter but upgrading into other classes like Ninja or Dragon Knight. Hero classes can be changed later on using in-game currency, so players are never stuck if they want to try other classes. New heroes and hero skins are obtained through normal gacha methods, with daily quests rewarding currency that can be spent on hero summons, or by simply paying real money. Although SSR (super super rare) units are the most powerful and the rarest (2% drop rate), they aren't required to beat any stage.

Langrisser Mobile Key Features:

  • Class Trees - each class branches off into several additional classes, letting players strategize and specialize each hero.
  • 34+ Unlockable Heroes - a wide variety of upgradable heroes with their own stats and traits, such as passive self-healing or passive enemy debuffing, as well as unlockable skins for each hero.
  • Priority System - class types can be weak and strong against other classes, such as Infantry being strong against Lancer and weak against Cavalry, and Mages having no priority.
  • Terrain Bonuses - heroes have different terrain that gives them buffs, making players consider which hero is best for each stage.
  • Co-op - fight together in the Secret Realm mode with friends or random players to reduce stamina cost and receive additional rewards compared to solo.
  • Stage Based - the game's story takes place in linear stages, which must be completed in order. Story scenes are fully voiced and feature gorgeous character art and backgrounds.

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System Requirements

Langrisser Mobile System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.0 or later, or iOS 9.0 and later.


Langrisser Mobile Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Langrisser Mobile Additional Information

Developer: ZlongGames
Publisher: ZlongGames

Release Date (Beta): November 29, 2018
Release Date (Global):
January 22, 2019

Development History / Background:

Langrisser Mobile is published and developed by ZlongGames, a Korean developer that started in 2018. It is a mobile release of the series of the same name, which goes back to the original Langrisser which came out in 1991 for the Mega Drive. It had a closed beta on November 29, 2018, before fully releasing on January 22, 2019.