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Life is Feudal

Life is Feudal is a sandbox MMORPG where players are transported to a large persistent medieval world. Build a home into a kingdom, become an influential figure in politics or trading, and become a feared name in the battlefields.

Publisher: Bitbox
Playerbase: Small
Type: Sandbox MMORPG
Release Date: December 14, 2016
Pros: +Over 10k players in persistent world. +Large-scale PvP. +Player-influenced economy and politics.
Cons: -Confusing UI.


Life is Feudal Overview

Begin the journey as a fledgling with a wooden spoon and become a dominating figure ruling a kingdom in Life is Feudal, a sandbox MMORPG. Explore a large, long-term persistent medieval world with the capacity to hold over ten thousand players. Craft and shape the world with tools and resources, building homes, moats, and castles. Choose a path that suits your playstyle, from bloody glory in PvP to riches in trading in a player-influenced economy. Defeat bosses, play mini games, and fight in freestyle combat to gain loot. Partake in the extensive guild system, seizing territory and fighting in large-scale guild wars. Make a name in politics and leave a mark in the ever-growing and ever-changing player-created game world in Life is Feudal.

Life is Feudal Key Features:

  • Large Persistent World – play on servers dedicated to hold over ten thousand players in long-term persistent game worlds.
  • Player-Influenced Economy – participate in trade, devoting more time and resources to the economy for higher profits.
  • Craft and Create – gather resources and make the tools to shape the land. Build structures from pre-existing blueprints or create your own.
  • Extensive Guild System – create or join a guild, partnering with other players to fight in large-scale guild wars, seiges, and territory claims.
  • Leave a Legacy – influence the history and landscape of the game world, whether it be through trade, crafting, or politics.

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Life is Feudal Links

Life is Feudal: MMO Official Site
Life is Feudal Steam Greenlight Community*
Life is Feudal Facebook Public Group
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Life is Feudal Gamepedia

*After Life is Feudal was greenlit, developers decided to split the game into two versions - Your Own and MMO.

System Requirements

Life is Feudal: MMO System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Core i5 w/ at least 2.5 GHz
Video Card: GeForce GTX 460
Hard Disk Space: 20GB


Life is Feudal Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Life is Feudal Additional Information

Developer(s): Bitbox
Publisher(s): Bitbox

Game Engine: Torque Engine 3D

Platform(s): PC

Steam Greenlight Post Date: February 7, 2014
Steam Greenlight Award Date:
February 20, 2014

Closed Beta: December 14, 2016
Release Date:

Development History / Background:

Life is Feudal is a sandbox MMORPG developed and published by Bitbox. The game concept and development began in 2010. It was first posted on Steam's Greenlight Community in February, and shortly approved thereafter. In May 2014, the developers announced that Life is Feudal would be released as two separate games aimed toward different purposes. Life is Feudal: Your Own was geared toward the creation of private servers, holding a max of sixty four players. Life is Feudal was created for larger-scale gameplay, holding over ten thousand players online. Both games are developed on the Torque Engine 3D with "heavy modifications." The game entered closed beta in December 2016.