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Lineage 2: Blood Oath

Lineage 2: Blood Oath was a 3D mobile MMORPG that brings the PvP-oriented gameplay of Lineage 2 to handheld systems. Fight monstrous foes in an impressive 3D world as one of four race-locked classes that can be advanced to new jobs.

Publisher: Snail Games
Type: Mobile MMORPG
Release Date: 2016
Shut Down: 2017
Pros: +Lineage 2 game world. +Detailed 3D graphics. +Four branching classes.
Cons: -Limited information. -Automated gameplay. -Gender and race locked classes.


Lineage 2: Blood Oath Overview

Lineage 2: Blood Oath was a mobile MMORPG that ports the experience of Lineage 2 to iOS and Android for gameplay on-the-go. Play as the four gender-locked, race-locked classes of Elf, Human, Kamael, or Orc that feature multiple branching class specializations allowing for new weapons and abilities to be unlocked. The game is notable for being the second Lineage 2 game announced in 2016 for mobile devices alongside Lineage 2: Revolution, and promises to bring the experience of the PC game more faithfully to mobile than Dawn of Aden. It features an open interactive world that sets itself apart from many other mobile MMORPGs. Other features include PvP, dungeons, raids, and high quality graphics.

Lineage 2: Blood Oath Key Features:

  • Four Playable Classes – take control of the game's four classes: Elf, Human, Kamael, and Orc to take on the game's challenges and advance your class to new levels.
  • Open Interactive World move freely across the entire game world, moving your character manually rather than by clicking on the interface.
  • Lineage Franchise – play a mobile port of the popular Lineage 2 MMORPG for the same experience streamlined for handheld play.
  • Multiplayer Content – join up with other players to take on dungeons, fight powerful bosses, and battle your friends in PvP arenas.
  • Detailed 3D Graphics – thanks to the Flexi Engine, enter a detailed, colorful world with epic spell effects and sprawling landscapes.

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Lineage II: Blood Oath (CN) - Official game trailer

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System Requirements

Lineage 2: Blood Oath System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.0 or later / iOS 6.0 or later


Lineage 2: Blood Oath Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Lineage 2: Blood Oath Additional Information

Developer: Snail Games
Publisher: Snail Games
Game Engine: Flexi Engine

Announcement Date: March 30, 2016

Release Date: 2016

Shut Down: 2017

Development History / Background:

Lineage 2: Blood Oath is developed and published by Snail Games, creator of Age of Wushu and Taichi Panda, and was officially licensed by NCSOFT. It was announced on March 30, 2016, roughly a year after Netmarble announced their mobile Lineage game, Lineage 2: Revolution. The game differs from the other mobile game in that it promises to bring a more accurate version of the PC Lineage to mobile, created with an in-house engine called Flexi Engine that was made for Age of Wushu. It was slated for release in late 2016.