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Parabellum was a free-to-play MMOFPS that was to feature interactive, non-linear multiplayer campaigns and advanced character and weapon customization. It also had a multiplayer PvP lobby that offered different maps and game modes.

Publisher: GamersFirst
Type: Shooter MMO
Closed Beta Date: May 28, 2009
Cancellation Date: 2010
PvP: Battlegrounds
Pros: +Character customization. +Unique campaign mode. +Servers based on skill level.
Cons: -Never released. -Few maps available.


Parabellum Overview

Parabellum was an MMOFPS that focused on online multiplayer gameplay, where players took the role of a soldier in 2018 when the privatization of global military forces creates well-paying jobs for mercenaries and adventurers. Players pick between two alignments, the CTF or the Syndicate; the two foremost covert reconnaissance organizations in the world that stand for order and chaos respectively. Each side receives contract missions from the C.I.N. Global Mercenary Network and shapes the campaign’s game world. The game intended to offer a non-linear multiplayer campaign experience that allowed up to 5 players to complete the game’s story, which would have been one of the first of its kind for MMOFPS games. But the mode was never completed. It did feature more common MMOFPS components, including a PvP multiplayer lobby that allowed players to play different game modes on a variety of maps, a multitude of custom weapons, and character customization.

Parabellum Key Features:

  • Two Opposing Factions – pick a side in the game’s conflict, working for order under the CTF, or let chaos reign under the Syndicate.
  • Non-Linear Campaign Mode – team up with a group of friends and play through the game’s story mode which is affected by your faction and decisions.
  • Customizable Avatar – dress up your character with clothing, hairstyles, and hats to look unique in the game’s PvP modes.
  • Automatic Server Selection – get placed automatically on tiered PvP servers, which are ordered by player skill and stats.
  • Weapons Record Stats – stats such as K/D ratio and headshots are tied to your weapon rather than your player character, allowing players to reset or maintain their stats.

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Parabellum Screenshots


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Additional Info

Parabellum Additional Information

Developer: Acony Games
Publisher: GamersFirst

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 3

Closed Beta Date: May 28, 2009
Cancellation Date: 2010

Development History / Background:

Parabellum was developed by Acony Games, a German game studio founded in 2004 to develop Parabellum. A contract was signed between GamersFirst and Acony Games giving them permission to publish Parabellum through their portal, releasing Parabellum for a closed beta around May 28, 2009. It stayed in closed beta for an indefinite amount of time, announcing its open beta to be released in June or July of the same year. Unfortunately, the game disappeared from the GamersFirst portal with no announcement, and the contract between Acony and GamersFirst ended. Acony reportedly was searching for a new publisher and continued development, but cancelled the game sometime in 2010. They went on to create a game named Hedone from the ashes of Parabellum, which eventually became the popular Bullet Run published by Daybreak Game Company, released in July of 2012.