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Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends is a free-to-play, fantasy MMORPG on mobile devices with colorful cartoony graphics, many large instanced maps, point and click combat, a streamlined partying system, lots of quests and loot, and beginner friendly gameplay. It was one of the first mobile MMORPGs to feature a persistent world.

Publisher: Spacetime Games
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile MMORPG
Release Date: April 3, 2010
Pros: +Beginner friendly. +Lots of loot to collect. +Easy to find parties. +First persistent world mobile MMORPG.
Cons: -Outdated visuals. -No longer being updated.

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Pocket Legends Overview

Pocket Legends is a 3D semi-open world MMORPG published by Spacetime Games, the creators of Arcane Legends, Dark Legends, and Star Legends. Journey through a colorful and cartoony world filled with animals, zombies, aliens, and more with graphics that will appeal to kids and adults. Choose from one of five unique animal classes (Warrior, Enchantress, Archer, Paladin, and Ranger). Collect thousands of weapons, armor, and items. Play with people around the world in co-op and PvP or in Solo mode. Complete hundreds of quests with a fascinating story and save the animal kingdom. Begin your journey in this free-to-play, multi-award-winning mobile MMORPG today!

Pocket Legends Key Features:

  • Large Persistent (Semi-Open) World – with many different maps to explore.
  • Colorful, Cartoony Graphics – will appeal to people of all ages.
  • Point And Click Combat – simple to use and beginner friendly.
  • Five Different Classes – Warrior, Enchantress, Archer, Paladin, and Ranger.
  • Cute Animal-Theme and Monsters – such as zombies, skeletons, crocodiles, and aliens.
  • Loot – over a thousand different weapons, armors, and items to discover.

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Full Review

Pocket Legends Review

By Herman Y.

Pocket Legends is a free-to-play, 3D mobile MMORPG developed and published by Spacetime Games, the makers of Arcane Legends, Star Legends, and Dark Legends. Pocket Legends was Spacetime Games’ first MMORPG which was released in April 3, 2010 on iOS and in November 11, 2010 on Android. It was one of the first and most popular MMORPGs on mobile devices and was the first in Spacetime Games’ Legends series. It currently has over one million downloads on Google Play alone and has won multiple awards from websites such as Ten Ton Hammer, MSNBC, Massively, and Yahoo! Games. Seen by many as the game that brought the mobile MMORPG genre to life, is Pocket Legends a game still worth playing in 2015?

Classes and Character Creation

Pocket Legends has five classes which are represented by different animals. These classes include Warrior, Enchantress, Archer, Paladin, and Ranger. The Warrior is a fierce bear who can wield two-handed swords and axes as well as a shield with a one-handed sword or axe. The Enchantress is a supportive Elf who can heal and buff her allies as well as blast her foes with elemental spells. The Archer is a swift bird who can shoot at enemies with bows and crossbows and can deal high amounts of damage. The Paladin is an armored rhino capable of withstanding high amounts of damage and can support teammates with buffs and healing. Lastly, the Ranger is a rogue-like fox who can dish out fast and deadly attacks with dual daggers. Each class is unique, specialized in certain weapons, and provide very different gameplay. Players can also customize their characters with a handful of head and clothing options.

A Fantasy Animal World

Pocket Legends is a semi-open world with instanced maps and an animal-theme. Players begin their journey going through some instanced maps with other players until they reach the main town in the game. This town is a persistent area and is packed with players in almost every corner. Although Pocket Legends came out in 2010, the game still remains heavily populated even in 2015. Pocket Legends has an animal-theme in which all the players and NPCs are animals except for Elves, who still look like some type of animal in my opinion. The animal theme will appeal to younger audiences but can still be appealing to older players.

The world of Pocket Legends is colorful and each map varies in theme and environments. Similar to the other Legends games, the town is persistent and the various maps/levels outside of town are instanced. However, these instanced zones are very large, and players can party with up to 4 other people in these maps. The cartoony graphics are actually very well-aged and, although they do look a bit outdated, they by no means look bad. The textures do look a bit bland especially the environments, hence the outdated graphics. Then again, it’s not really that bad by today’s standards and still has a charming look to it.

Partying Done Right

The party system in Pocket Legends is one of its best features and why I personally love Pocket Legends. Spacetime Games did everything right with the instanced partying. Missions take place on various instanced maps and upon entering one of these maps, players are automatically partied up with other players in the same map. Due to the large in-game population, there is almost always someone to party with in one of these maps. I have yet to enter a level without seeing another player around. This party system greatly increases the fun in questing and grinding because there are always people helping you out and fighting along your side. As someone who greatly enjoys partying with others in online games, which most MMORPGs seem to lack or discourage nowadays, I find the party system to be very well executed and makes Pocket Legends so much more enjoyable.

Point-and-click Combat and Skills

Pocket Legends has a point-and-click combat system and touch controls that work well on mobile devices. Players can either tap to move or use the game’s virtual joystick and they can attack monsters either by tapping on them or by tapping the “Auto” button on the bottom right. The “Auto” button automatically targets nearby enemies and makes your character move and attack the enemy. Although the combat is not action oriented, the controls and combat work very well together and players can also move while attacking. Players can also rotate their cameras in full 3D unlike the newer Arcane Legends which makes it easier to see the surroundings. Players can activate skills on the right side of their screen and customize their skill hotkeys in the skill menu. Each class has many different skills that can damage their foes, support their allies, buff themselves, and more. Different classes have various roles in battle. Skills are automatically unlocked upon reaching the required level and can also be upgraded.

Questing and Loot

Pocket Legends has a lot of quests which make good use of their party system and a ton of loot to collect. Players will generally find quests in town and quests vary greatly in terms of objectives. Some quests simply involve killing a certain number of monsters or collecting x amount of monster drops while other quests involve going through entire zones, rescuing NPCs, and defeating bosses. The party matchmaking system is automatically activated upon entering levels and players will instantly connect with other players in the same area who are usually on the same quest. The party system makes the questing go by faster and creates a fun social experience no matter what the quest is. Questing in Pocket Legends is extremely beginner friendly with straight-forward objectives There even is a handy quest arrow that guides players to each objective and offers rewards such as experience, gold, equipment, and items.

In addition to a great party system, Pocket Legends also has an exceptional loot system with an abundance of loot for players to collect. Players will regularly stumble upon new equipment and items while questing and killing monsters which adds a lot more enjoyment and variety to the game. There are over a thousand pieces of equipment to collect and finding new weapons and armor is always exciting and constantly strengthens your character. There are different variations of each armor and weapon and, although there are a lot to collect, I did find that many weapons and armor do have the same appearance. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s refreshing to constantly obtain new equipment. Players who enjoy discovering a lot of loot will really enjoy this aspect of the game.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases (IAP)

In-App Purchases can offer some advantages to paying members but are not necessary and are pretty fair for a freemium game. Platinum, the premium currency, can be used to purchase in-game gold, special level-locked weapons and armor, rings, crafting material, armor and weapon packs for each class, Vanity (costumes), and other cosmetic items. Most weapons and armors cost 5-10 Platinum regardless of level, which I found surprising and respectable. For example, lvl 5 equipment and lvl 30 equipment cost the exact same price but give different level equipment, which are level-locked. It isn’t really necessary to buy anything from the Cash Shop in my opinion. All the equipment there are very similar in stats to regular equipment obtained in-game but offers convenience to those who want to obtain equipment quicker. Keep in mind, all equipment is level-locked in Pocket Legends including Cash Shop equipment so lower levels cannot equip higher level Cash equipment. This helps keep things fair although the Cash equipment is still a little bit stronger than regular equipment of the same level. Overall, the in-app purchases in Pocket Legends are reasonable and unnecessary but offer some advantages and convenience to paying players through purchasing in-game gold and slightly better equipment for their level. Players can obtain Platinum from spending cash or by completing surveys and offers.

Final Verdict – Great

Pocket Legends was one of the first mobile MMORPGs and is still a very fun and enjoyable game in 2015. Despite the slightly outdated graphics, the game offers a streamlined combat system, beginner friendly questing, a great party matching system, lots of loot to collect, and fair in-app purchases that make it one of my all-time favorite mobile MMORPGs. It is a shame Spacetime Games is no longer updating Pocket Legends.


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System Requirements

Pocket Legends System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 2.2 or later, iOS 4.3 or later


Pocket Legends Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Pocket Legends Additional Information

Developer: Spacetime Games
Publisher: Spacetime Games
Platforms: Android, iOS

iOS Release Date: April 3, 2010
Android Release Date: November 11, 2010

Pocket Legends was developed and published by Spacetime Games (also known as Spacetime Studios), a game development company based in Austin, Texas. It was one of the first mobile MMORPGs with a persistent world. Spacetime Games was founded by a small group of MMO developers and is most known for their mobile MMORPG “Legends” series which includes Star Legends and Dark Legends, both of which have over 1 million downloads on Google Play alone. Their newest and most popular Legends game, Arcane Legends, has over 10 million downloads on Google Play and is one of the highest downloaded MMORPGs on Android and iOS. In January 2015, Spacetime Studios announced that they will no longer be updating Pocket Legends, Star Legends, and Dark Legends and will instead shift their focus to Arcane Legends and future titles.