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Star Legends

Star Legends is a free-to-play mobile sci-fi MMORPG with cartoony graphics set in large instanced maps in spaceships and space bases. It features point-and-click combat, online co-op partying, lots of quests and loot, and beginner- and kid-friendly gameplay.

Publisher: Spacetime Games
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Mobile MMORPG
Release Date: October 12, 2011
Pros: +Beginner-/kid-friendly. +Lots of loot to collect. +Sci-fi theme.
Cons: -Outdated visuals and audio bugs. -No longer being updated. -Server issues.

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Star Legends Overview

Star Legends is a mobile 3D semi-open world MMORPG published by Spacetime Games, the creators of Pocket Legends, Dark Legends, and Arcane Legends. Enter a fantastic sci-fi universe and travel into the depths of space in search of fame and fortune. Travel with and meet your fellow comrades in the UCS Blackstar. Fire upon your foes with futuristic high-tech weapons including laser rifles and hand blaster gauntlets. Play as one of three unique classes (Commando, Operative, Engineer) with different skills, armor, and weapons. Complete hundreds of missions and collect over a thousand different pieces of equipment. Play with your friends or with people around the world in a streamlined co-op party system. Star Legends is also available on the web browser through the Chrome store.

Star Legends Key Features:

  • Explore Ships and Bases – large instanced spaceships and bases to explore and battle in.
  • Colorful – bright, cartoony graphics that will appeal to people of all ages.
  • Simple to use, point-and-click combat.
  • Three Unique Classes choose to be one of three classes: Commando, Operative, or an Engineer. 
  • Lots of Content – hundreds of missions and a story to play through.
  • Collect Gear – over a thousand different weapons, armors, and items to discover.

Star Legends Screenshots

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Full Review

Star Legends Review

By Herman Y.

Star Legends is a free-to-play 3D sci-fi MMORPG developed and published by Spacetime Games for Android and iOS devices. Spacetime Games are the same makers behind the popular Pocket Legends, Dark Legends, and Arcane Legends MMORPGs on mobile platforms, all of which have over one million downloads worldwide. Star Legends is Spacetime Games’ second mobile MMORPG and the first sci-fi themed MMORPG on mobile devices that launched on October 12, 2011. Originally developed as a PC MMO known as Blackstar, the game was later redesigned into the mobile MMORPG, Star Legends. People who have played Pocket Legends will find a lot of similarities in Star Legends, but in a good way. Star Legends reuses Pocket Legends’ successful formula and combines it with a sci-fi, space-theme to create another hit MMORPG.

Classes and Character Creation

Players can choose one of three classes before beginning their space adventure. These classes include the Commando, Operative, and Engineer. The Commando is a powerful frontline warrior capable of using heavy weapons and armor and is the damage absorber of the team. They are capable of dealing large AOE damage and can stun or knock down their enemies. Operatives are the main damage dealers in the team with high single-target damage, light armor, and dual pistols. However, they are fragile with low health. Engineers have a more supportive role and wear medium armor with high-tech hand blaster gauntlets. Their damage isn’t great, but they have a wide variety of supportive skills including healing, buffing teammates, debuffing enemies, and damage-over-time offensive abilities. Engineers can also unlock sealed doorways in certain stages. All three classes are useful and have different roles to play in parties. In addition to these three classes, players can also choose their character’s gender and can customize their characters with a variety of face, skin color, and hair options.

Taking Out Enemies in Space

Unlike Spacetime Games’ other “Legends” games, Star Legends takes place entirely in spaceships and large space bases. The main base in the game is a giant spaceship that acts as a persistent town for players to interact in and to accept or turn in missions. This base is quite unique and is filled with players running around and with quest NPCs that are located all around the ship. After accepting a quest, players are given an option to automatically teleport to the quest area, which are instanced spaceship/base interiors (assuming the quest wasn’t to talk to another NPC in the main base). This handy option saves a lot of time compared to other games that require players to run to portals to choose a destination. Each quest area is huge and they are somewhat like mazes in that the maps are shaped like corridors with rooms that branch off into different directions. It is not very confusing and is not meant to be a maze but players can expect that kind of level design in each map. The environments look quite good and are varied in appearance although the textures do look a bit outdated due to how old the game is. All the levels generally have a gray, metallic look since it is the inside of a spaceship or base but all the level designs and appearances still manage to look very different. The flashy laser and skill effects also add a lot of light and color to the scene.

A Great Party System

Spacetime Games did everything right in Pocket Legends’ party matchmaking system and implemented that same system in Star Legends. Upon entering an instanced stage, players are automatically teamed up with other players in the same stage. This, in my opinion, is a system all instanced MMORPGs should have. Pocket Legends, Star Legends, Dark Legends, and Arcane Legends all have this system that guarantees players will not have to fight through stages alone (unless no one else is around). This instantaneous party matchmaking system requires no effort on the players’ part and adds a lot more social interaction, teamwork, and fun to each level. It also makes questing and grinding quicker and more enjoyable without any loss in Credits (in-game currency) or experience. Party loot, such as equipment, is also shared among everyone. As an online MMORPG, Star Legends does a great job in bringing players together and offers a party system that encourages teamwork and social interaction.

Point-and-Click Combat Meets Futuristic Firefights

Like Pocket Legends, Star Legends has a point-and-click combat system with touch controls made for mobile devices. Players can move either by tapping the ground or with a virtual joystick and can attack enemies by tapping on them or by tapping an “Auto” button that automatically targets and attacks nearby enemies. The controls are simple and work very well without much fumbling around. Players can also rotate their cameras in full 3D to get a better view of their environment and surroundings. Every weapon in Star Legends is a ranged futuristic gun so players will generally want to keep a distance from their enemies. They can also move while attacking, which helps maintain some distance from charging melee opponents. The flashy laser gun effects also add some epicness to each fight.

Each class has different skills that are unlocked as players level up. Skills can be added onto hotkey slots beside the “Auto” attack button and tapping on these skills will activate them instantaneously. There are different types of skills which include AOE damage, single-target damage, self-buffing, enemy-debuffing, healing, and more. Skills can be leveled up in the skill menu and there is some skill and build customization based on which abilities players decide to invest in.

Missions and Looting

Star Legends is very quest-oriented and has an abundance of missions for players to accept. Players start off in a large ship helping to eliminate enemy mercenaries and then partake in a story as a member of the UCS Blackstar to find fame and fortune among the unexplored depths of space. Missions generally involve travelling to different ships and bases and killing a certain number of enemies or a boss. There are also other objectives such as obtaining a certain number of items or completing an action a certain number of times such as taking pictures or observing parts of a ship. The story isn’t really that well-developed and the missions mainly feel like standalone missions without a bigger picture. However, there are a lot of missions which give players something to do and quests offer rewards such as gold, experience, equipment, and items. Questing is very beginner friendly with quick teleporting from the main base to the quest base/ship area and there’s a convenient arrow that guides players where to go. The story and dialogue is also kid-friendly in content. Star Legends definitely has a ton of content that will keep players playing casually or hardcore for a long time.

Star Legends also has a fantastic loot system. There are over a thousand different weapons, armor, and items to collect and finding new equipment or items is a common occurrence. Each map has a bunch of item cases laying around with equipment for players to loot and players can also obtain items from defeating enemies and bosses. Missions also give out some powerful weapons and armor. With so much variety, questing and playing through levels are more exciting and enjoyable due to the large amounts of equipment players can obtain, which will constantly strengthen them. Because obtaining new equipment is such a common occurrence, players will find themselves clearing their inventories for space after each mission. Like the other Legends games, the sheer amounts of loot make questing in Star Legends much more enjoyable.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases 

In-app purchases in Star Legends are fairly lenient and are not required to progress in the game. Platinum, the premium currency, can be used to purchase Credits (in-game currency), special weapons, armor, implants (similar to rings), cosmetic items such as costumes and pets, and enhancer items such as experience, attack, speed, and loot reroll boosts. I was surprised to find that all the weapons and armor in the Cash Shop cost only 1 Platinum each up until Level 20, where it gradually increases up to 5 Platinum for Level 40 (max level) equipment. The prices seem very inexpensive and fair compared to most games and players start off with 10 Platinum for free. However, cosmetic items such as costumes and pets do cost a lot. For example, pets cost between 200-500 Platinum, but pets don’t actually do anything so it is not necessary to purchase them or any other cosmetic items. This game has tons of loot as well so none of the Cash Shop equipment is necessary unless players have trouble finding equipment of their level. The most useful items are the enhancer items which give experience, combat, and loot bonuses but are more for convenience purposes and give a temporary advantage that aren’t required for more casual players. Overall, I found the in-app purchases in Star Legends to be fair and not required to progress in the game. Platinum can be obtained from spending cash or by completing surveys and offers. 

Final Verdict – Great

Star Legends was the first sci-fi MMORPG on mobile devices and reused a successful formula (from Pocket Legends) to create another great online gaming experience. The futuristic theme, engaging party system, beginner-friendly gameplay, fair in-app purchases, and questing and loot system make Star Legends a very enjoyable MMORPG that both casual and hardcore players can enjoy.


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System Requirements

Star Legends System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 2.2 or later, iOS 4.3 or later


Star Legends Music & Soundtrack

Coming soon!

Additional Info

Star Legends Additional Information

Developer: Spacetime Games
Publisher: Spacetime Games

Language: English

Platforms: Android, iOS, and Web Browser (install through Google Chrome Store)

Release Date: October 12, 2011
No New Updates: January 2015 (developers announced that no new updates will be made)

Development History / Background:

Star Legends was developed and published by Spacetime Games (also known as Spacetime Studios), a game development company based in Austin, Texas. Spacetime Games was founded by a small group of MMO developers and is mostly known for their mobile MMORPG “Legends” series, which includes Pocket Legends, Dark Legends, and Arcane Legends. All three games have over a million downloads on Google Play alone, with Arcane Legends being the most popular with over ten million downloads. Star Legends was originally going to be a PC MMO known was Blackstar, but due to a cancelled contract with NCSoft, Blackstar became a mobile MMORPG called Star Legends. In January 2015, Spacetime Games announced that they will no longer be updating Pocket Legends, Star Legends, and Dark Legends and will instead shift their focus to Arcane Legends and future titles.