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Puzzle and Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons is a match-three puzzle MMO notorious for its overwhelming popularity in Japan and unique, addictive gameplay. While at its core a match-three puzzle game, it also includes RPG and strategy elements through thoughtful arrangement of your party of unique monsters.

Publisher: Gungho Online Entertainment
Playerbase: High
Type: Puzzle Game
Release Date: November 8, 2012 (NA/EU)
Pros: +Beginner friendly. +Easy to learn, but difficult to master. +Hundreds of monsters to collect. +Tons of levels.
Cons: -Stamina system restricts gameplay.

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Puzzle & Dragons Overview

Puzzle & Dragons is a mobile match-three puzzle MMO available on Android, iOS and Kindle Fire. It blends the item-matching gameplay of Bejeweled with the dungeon-crawling, monster-collecting mania of Pokemon, seamlessly blending it into a very fun, deservingly-popular mobile game. The match-three element of the game is used to initiate and boost your monster’s attack in dungeons: matching three orbs of the same element activates a basic attack, and powers up the attacks as you match more orbs and chain combos between orbs. Considered one of the top-grossing apps on iOS and Android, the game has a strong co-op element that allows you to pick a friendly monster from another player to help you in dungeons and give you points that can be used to get a random monster from the Egg Machine. Aside from the orb-matching and dungeon crawling, the game offers a robust monster hatching, fusing and evolving system that allows you to build a powerful team to take on even greater challenges.

Puzzle & Dragons Key Features:

  • Engaging Match-3 Gameplay –Match up three of the same colored orbs (fire, water, wood, light, or darkness) to get your monster of the same element to unleash an attack, with stronger attacks for more orbs matched.
  • Over 700 Monsters to Collect – Acquire new monsters from the Egg Machine, or complete dungeons for a chance for rare monsters to drop.
  • Power Up and Evolve Monsters – Form a stronger team by leveling up monsters through fusion and evolution, putting all of your less-wanted monsters to good use.
  • Co-op Play – Before each fight, players can enlist the help of a friendly monster to fight in the dungeon with them, which acquires them points to use one of the Egg Machines.

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Puzzle and Dragon - 2014 Official Gameplay Trailer

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Puzzle & Dragons Review

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Puzzle & Dragons Videos

Playlist: Puzzle & Dragons (Mobile)

System Requirements

Puzzle & Dragons System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 2.3 or later, iOS 5.1 or later


Puzzle & Dragons Music & Soundtrack

Additional Info

Puzzle & Dragons Additional Information

Developer: GungHo Online Entertainment
Platforms: iOS, Android, Kindle Fire

Executive Producer(s): Kazuki Morishita, Akihiko Ichikawa
Producer: Daisuke Yamamoto
Game Designer: Masato Takano
Composer(s): Kenji Ito, Yukio Nakajima

Release Date (iOS): November 8, 2012
Release Date (Android): December 12, 2012
Release Date (Kindle Fire): June 23, 2014

Puzzle & Dragons, also known as Pazudora or PAD, is developed by GungHo Online Entertainment, a Japanese video game developer and publisher, notable for hosting the Japanese server for the MMORPG, Ragnarok Online. PAD has offered the company great financial success, reportedly responsible for 91% of the company’s $1.6 billion revenue for the year 2013, with over 41 million downloads worldwide as of January 2015. Many game and anime properties have collaborated with Puzzle & Dragons , notably Monster Hunter, Evangelion, and Dragonball Z, which took the form of events that offered special Egg Machines, Dungeons, and unique monsters that can never be obtained again. There is also a spinoff Super Mario Bros. edition of Puzzle & Dragons for 3DS, released in 2013 in JP that shows just how successful PAD is, as well as a few other spin-offs and ports.

Puzzle & Dragons has official merchandise available in retail stores and on its website in Japan, as well as spin-off games specific to video arcades. It was originally going to be a Japan-only game, but its success led it to be released worldwide in late 2012. Its popularity is still primarily Japan-centric, with 30 million of its 37 million downloads belonging to Japan, as of 2014. The game generates over $2 million a day for its parent company GungHo Online Entertainment, making it one of the most successful mobile games in the world and is comparable to successes like Monster Strike (also from Japan) and Clash of Clans (by Supercell from Finland).