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Soul Worker

Soul Worker is an action MMORPG that features cell-shaded anime-style 3D graphics and engaging, action-packed combat. Play as a psychic teenager whose soul powers their unique weapon to fight monsters in the vacant city of Cloudrealm.

Publisher: GameForge / HanGame
PvP: Small-Scale PvP Battles
Release Date: February 26, 2018
Pros: +Gorgeous Anime-styled artwork. +Action-oriented combat.
Cons: -Few playable characters. -Limited customization. -Limited PvP. -Gender locked characters.

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Soul Worker Overview

Soul Worker is a free to play third-person action MMORPG that pits psychic teenagers with massive soul weapons against hordes of monsters in the abandoned city of Cloudrealm. The game features detailed cell-shaded anime graphics in line with Rusty Hearts, emulating hand-drawn 2D graphics with 3D models. Control one of the game's six gender-locked classes and summon your weapon, which includes chainsaws, scythes, and demonic guitars. The game's combat is action-oriented and requires aiming to execute combos correctly, similar to the targeting system of Tera. Players can unleash Zenith attacks which utilize stored energy gained in combat to perform flashy and powerful moves with your weapon of choice, as well as powerful two-player Coordination.

Soul Worker Key Features:

  • Action-Oriented Combat – rack up large combos and devastate foes with the game's intense, fast-paced combat system.
  • Six Playable Characters – choose from six unique gender-locked classes, each using epic weapons that include chainsaws, scythes, swords, and guitars.
  • Cell-Shaded Anime Graphics – inspired by anime, the game features detailed 3D models that replicate cell-shaded 2D artwork.
  • Card System – acquire, equip, and utilize a variety of collectible cards to aid you in combat, ranging from damage-dealing cards to humorous emote cards.
  • Tons of Cosmetic Items – equip a variety of special costumes and equipment that help make your character look more unique in a world full of similar-looking characters.

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Soul Worker Screenshots


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System Requirements

Soul Worker System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 or later
CPU: Pentium 4 Dual Core
Video Card: GeForce 7600 GS
Hard Disk Space: 4 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 or later
CPU: Pentium Core i5
Video Card: GeForce GTS 250
Hard Disk Space: 5 GB


Soul Worker Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Soul Worker Additional Information

Developer: Lion Games
Publisher: SEGA, Gameflier, NHN PlayArt (Hangame), Shanda Games

Game Engine: Havok Vision Engine

Closed Beta Date (JP): August 20, 2015 to August 23, 2015
Stress Test Date (JP): December 18, 2015 to December 21, 2015

Open Beta (NA): February 26, 2018

Release Date: 2016 (Original)

Development History / Background:

Soul Worker is developed by Lion Games, a Korean game developer established in July 2011 to create online games, and the game is being published by a variety of publishers across Asia, including SEGA, Gameflier, NHN PlayArt (Hangame), and Shanda Games. Soul Worker was announced in August 2011 with a trailer debuting in December of 2011. The game's developers partnered with Havok to use the Vision2 Engine for the game in December 2011, allowing for development of the game to progress with a powerful, high-tech engine. Its publishers were announced throughout 2012, including Gameflier in Taiwan and Shanda Games in China. Soul Worker had a closed beta in Japan that spanned from August 20 to August 23 in 2015, followed by a stress test that opened up registration to all of Japan from December 18 to December 02, 2015. The game's North American / European open beta began on February 26, 2018. The game is also available on Steam.

  • Tazmania

    This and Peria Chronicles are the two games I'm most looking forward to playing. I really hope they give us a release date and that it's soon.

  • Musa


  • George Khifiani

    GTX 680 ? O.o For this ?

    • yui

      Developers are lazy as hell with optimization these days.... Look at ARK, still running like crap. Or Just Cause 3... And so on.
      Or for mmorpg sake, Tera... Looks like crap really but needs a great GPU to be able to run properly.

      • George Khifiani

        You didn't play Wildstar probably, one of the most problematic games I ever see, when one player can with RX380 get 100FPS another four players even with GTX 970 can't get over 30 FPS in idle...
        But yes, it's not only Developers fault, players are asking more and fast, also reviewers always are talking about texture quality, but not Art or concept, also they never talk about optimization, in their logic if game (even if it should run perfectly on GTS450) run good on GTX1080, than game is optimized OK... Just some companies like are Blizzard are creating games in 5 years that run perfectly even on machines that didn't match minimum system requirements...

    • Long Michael

      no, even a GT 220 plays this smoothly. Also 2-4 GB of RAM worked seamlessly.

      • wheeewww that's help me dude i thought my 2gb ram can't play this game ,but my GPU is suck i hope i can play it :/

    • Fons the Magnificient

      Nope, GTS 250 according to Steam!
      (sidenote: Nvidia GTS 250 is baaaaaad, so you can probably run this whatever your setup is)

  • eunusunt

    I cannot for the life of me get past the freakin' captcha.

    • Matt
    • having someone who knows japanese helps 😛 ask on twitter or something and someone may help or reddit. I played it by eye with a japanese keyboard website. Matt's link should be good too!

  • Kyusaki Nova

    guys is it ok to play with my memory ram is like 2 gb?

    • Preciel

      2 gb is minimal requirements but you should have at least 4 gb, on the bright side the game is repetitive and will likely die quick like the korean version has.

    • Fons the Magnificient

      Uhm wtf
      Why should any fully 3D rendered game run on something with 2 GB RAM?
      Does your setup have a FPU also? Just making sure...

  • Vũ Anh

    Delay till 2018 again, gg failforge

    • Arkasnir Yelferium Synthoria

      Exactly, Greedforge bunch of cucks

  • FelG

    I'm running this game smoothly on my netbook powered by AMD A4 - 5000 with Raden HD 8330. XD

  • DucturTunma

    Only about an hour into the game rn. So far seems like this could be one of the top anime styled f2p mmorpg in West. Hope it doesn't get too grindy. Combat reminds me a lot of Dragon Nest except this doesn't have dumbed down difficulty. If you play solo, you can actually die if you let enemies hit you.

  • Vũ Anh

    I have spent 219 hrs on game. The game is fine but it has too little content. The end game doesn't feel rewarding. Me and my friends group rushed to lv 55 in 5 days could be 4 just if we wanted to. But then after that there is just nothing left to do. Raids is boring and unrewarding. Upgrading is costly and rigged with rng. I just can't enjoy it. At least i can say that the combat system ia very fun and engaging and that's the only thing good about the game besides the graphics