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Spartan Wars

Spartan Wars is a mobile strategy game where players build a powerful army from the ground up in the era of Spartan warriors, calling upon the blessings of Gods and using slaves and generating resources with the aim of becoming the strongest Spartan Empire on the server. Organize and upgrade your headquarters to support your territorial conquest, and join an Alliance to work together towards the common goal of becoming number one.

Publisher: Tap4Fun
Type: Mobile Strategy
Release Date: December 5, 2012
Shut Down: December 31, 2016
Pros: +Good graphics. +Level and upgrade over 20 gods.
Cons: -Pay to win gameplay. -Confusing UI. -PvP can be brutal and unfair.

Spartan Wars Shut Down on December 31, 2016


Spartan Wars Overview

Spartan Wars is a free-to-play MMORTS available on iOS and Android, developed by Tap4Fun, developer of Galaxy Empire and Invasion: World War 3. The game blends common elements of MMORTS games such as base building, brutal PvP combat, and reliance on player interaction with card collection elements, through both its combat system and its use of Gods to make each army unique. Players can collect and summon over 20 Gods that have access to over 150 unique skills which can be used to turn the tide of combat by damaging, buffing, and controlling the battlefield. Outside of combat, Gods can be worshipped to buff your headquarters’ production rate or defensive ability, as well as leveled up with the use of Faith to make them even stronger. Conquer territory, build a second and third city, capture points with your Alliance and tax its citizens, and fight NPCs with your Spartan army full of unique units.

Spartan Wars Key Features

  • Construct and Manage a City – Build and upgrade useful buildings employed by slaves in your headquarters to bolster your army’s recovery speed and happiness.
  • Collect Over 20 Gods – Level and upgrade Gods with Faith to increase their blessings and power up your army.
  • Multiple Combat Units – Gain access to stronger troops as you level up your headquarters to take on even stronger enemies.
  • Join an Alliance – Join with other players to work towards a common goal, offering resource help and a helping hand in the event of bullying or war.
  • Plundering for Loot – Ransack other players’ cities for resources to feed your troops and faith to level up your Gods.
  • PvE Campaign – Fight bandits and barbarians in the outskirts of your city for rewards and combat experience.

Spartan Wars Screenshots

Spartan Wars Featured Video

Spartan Wars - Official Gameplay Trailer

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Spartan Wars Review

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Spartan Wars Screenshots


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System Requirements

Spartan Wars Requirements

Operating System: Android 2.3 or later, iOS 5.1.1 or later

Additional Info

Spartan Wars Additional Info

Developer: Tap4Fun
Platforms: iOS, Android

Release date: December 5, 2012

Release date (Open Beta): November 9, 2012

Shut Down: December 31, 2016

Spartan Wars is published and developed by Tap4Fun, a game developed based in Chengdu, China, founded in 2011. They’ve developed multiple other Android and iOS games, such as Galaxy Legend and Island Empire. Their games are aimed at a primarily Chinese audience, although have seen great success in American and European markets with Galactic Empire and Spartan War. Spartan War was initially released on November 9, 2012 as a quick, limited time open beta test aiming at ironing out all of the game’s bugs, then was officially released on December, 5, 2012 in both North America and Europe. The last official announcement by the developer was posted on September 29, 2016 and the game was shut down by the end of that year.