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Survival Project

Survival Project was a fantasy MMORPG with real-time combat and focus on PvP. It was free-to-play and featured fast-paced, arcade-style gameplay that was controlled through the keyboard rather than clicking with a mouse.

Publisher: HanbitSoft
Release Date: June 9, 2003
Closure Date: February 24, 2013
Pros: +Skill-based gameplay. +PvP focus. +Colorful graphics.
Cons: -Stopped being updated. -Difficult control scheme.


Survival Project Overview

Survival Project was a popular MMORPG that is a source of nostalgia for many modern gamers, coming out around the same time as other popular Korean MMOs Gunbound and Maple Story. It was released during the middle of an online game boom in Korea, shortly after Starcraft 1 and Lineage became massively popular in the late 90s. Its developers chose a bright, cartoony art style in the vein of arcade games to indicate its arcade style of play, requiring short bursts of gameplay of the game modes entered through the lobby, as well as the inclusion of a community mode which allowed players to chat and play with each other. The controls were unique for its genre, which used A,S,D,R, and space bar to perform all of the game actions, including dashing, defense, short and long ranged attacks, and magic bursts, which must be aimed in the correct direction to hit the enemy, adding a skill-based element to the game. Each character offered unique stats that affected the player’s level of control, offering further replayability in collecting and testing every character to figure out what suited an individual’s playstyle.

Survival Project Key Features:

  • Hack 'n Slash Combat – Fight against opponents with abilities, both short and long range, in a fast-paced arena that offers multiple game types.
  • Arcade-style Gameplay – Master the game’s unique controls inspired by arcade games to make it to the top of the PvP ladder.
  • Multiple PvP Modes – Enter the game lobby and join multiple types of player-vs-player matches, including Duel mode, Team mode, Survival Mode, Assault Mode, and many more
  • Minigames – Fight against opponents in a different way, through teaming up against your opponents in Soccer, or play the other minigames, Racing, Dodge and Mole.
  • Card System – Strengthen your favorite characters with collectible cards that can be fused to create greater cards, which can also be used in special circumstances to unlock premium features.

Survival Project Screenshots

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Survival Project Videos


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Survival Project Music & Soundtrack

Additional Info

Survival Project Additional Information

Developer: I.O. Entertainment
Publisher(s): HanbitSoft

Closed Beta Date: November 2001
Release Date (Korea): February 17, 2003
Release Date (International): June 9, 2003
Closure Date: February 24, 2013

Development History / Background:

Survival Project was developed by I.O. Entertainment, a South Korean game developer whose roster consists only of Survival Project and Lost Saga. Survival Project was released in the midst of the Korean online game boom with games such as Maple Story and Gunbound, and was published by known publisher, HanbitSoft, who was the Korean distributor of Starcraft 1. Survival Project uniquely fused arcade and console-style gameplay into the more serious, mouse-centered gameplay found in Lineage. I.O. Entertainment saw success until about 2005-2006, eventually descending towards a game with low population. Their second game, Lost Saga, was released in 2009 and offers similar features to Survival Project, which, in 2009, had already begun to shut down many of its servers across the world. Its Korean servers stayed open for some time after the international ones had already gone down, leading fans of the game to play on the Korean servers with fake Korean social security numbers, and eventually the Korean servers ultimately came down on February 24, 2013. The game shut down due to its lack of updates and over-saturation of the game’s market by in-game staff creating events, inflating all of the prices to a point where the game became too pricy for new users and offered no new content for old users.

Private Servers

Survival Project Private Servers

There is currently one known Private Server / Emulation project in the works for Survival Project, and it is called Alanlei – Survival Project : Private Server. This is still a work in progress and currently only has solo-play available, as its servers are too expensive for the programmer to maintain.

Alanlei -- Survival Project: Private Server
Private Server Facebook