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Tale of Toast

Tale of Toast is an open world 3D MMORPG that features hardcore PvP gameplay inspired by old school gaming. Take part in high stakes combat against enemy players to steal their items, with the risk of losing all of your items upon death.

Publisher: Toasty Leaf
Release Date: February 23, 2018
PvP: Open world
Pros: +Hardcore gameplay. +Small but strong community. +Classless progression.
Cons: -Still in early stages of development.

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Tale of Toast Overview

Tale of Toast is a free-to-play 3D MMORPG that focuses largely on its unique PvP combat system that combines real-time and strategy battling. Choose from three ability trees that feature warrior skills, magic spells, and ranged archery attacks that each have different pros and cons in combat. PvP is allowed across the entire world with the exception of the starting area, making it a primary focus of the game. Upon death, players drop their entire inventory as well as some or all of their equipment, depending on their PvP status. Players that initiate melee combat are locked into battle for three rounds before they are able to run, making it important for players to pick their encounters carefully. The game is set in Astaria, a sprawling world in a single zone that features towns, cities, forests, snowy regions, volcanoes, dungeons, a day and night cycle, and more. Other features of the game include multiplayer instances, dueling where you can set the stakes, a quest system, and a robust crafting system.

Tale of Toast Key Features:

  • Hardcore-Focused Gameplay – enter a world that sets itself apart from the simplistic, beginner-oriented curve of free-to-play gaming.
  • Branching Skill Tree – choose from a variety of skills in the Melee, Magic, and Ranged trees to create the ultimate character.
  • High-Stakes PvP – enter out into the wilderness beyond the starting zone to fight for your life and your items in hardcore PvP.
  • Robust Trade Skills – grind through a wide variety of crafting skills including mining, blacksmithing, carpentry, alchemy, and more.
  • Large Open World – explore the game's massive, single zone world that features a wide variety of environments.

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System Requirements

Tale of Toast System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

CPU: Intel i3 or equivalent
Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 3000 or equivalent
Recommended Requirements:

CPU: Intel i5 or equivalent
Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or equivalent


Tale of Toast Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Tale of Toast Additional Information

Developer: Toasty Leaf
Publisher: Toasty Leaf

Steam Greenlight Date: March 1, 2017
Early Access Date: February 23, 2018

Release Date: February 23, 2018

Development History / Background:

Tale of Toast is developed and published by Toasty Leaf, a small 2-man game development team interested in making a game that featured the hardcore gameplay of past games. The game was posted on Steam Greenlight on Febuary 19, 2017 and was greenlit by the community on March 1, 2017. The game is currently in development with bi-weekly alpha tests available through its Discord chat, and is estimated for a full release no later than Q1 2018. Early Access began on Steam on February 23, 2018.