Tale of Toast, Hardcore open world MMORPG, Begins Early Access on Steam

Tale of Toast, the hardcore open world MMORPG inspired by classics like Ultima Online and Runescape, officially launched into early access today on Steam. While the game has been in development for some time now and has been playable before, this is the first time anyone can just download and play the game immediately.

Tale of Toast promises a return to the olden days where MMORPGs were hardcore and didn't baby their players. The game features classless progression, open world PvP, full loot mechanics, extensive crafting, and more. Most importantly though, the game promises no pay 2 win mechanics and plans to only sell cosmetics, server transfers, and other non gameplay related items in the cash shop.

Learn more about Tale of Toast in the trailer below or check out their Steam page:

  • siamesedads

    Played one of the first weekends and honestly had quite a bit of fun. They've added a lot since then, especially given there are only two devs (last time I checked). Might have to give it a run again.

  • Nakano15

    I actually really like the idea of open world mmorpgs, where I can go anywhere and do anything, actually, most mmos should be like that, but generally the mmos are a line of progress to boredoom, but the idea of open world mmo goes downhill when Open World PvP is includded aswell as forced, since most of the games of the type countains that, I don't put my step on those kinds of games.

  • namco

    shame they only have 3 servers, "USA" "EU" and "TEST". once you pick a server you cannot choose another (or so it seems?) and worse, each server can only hold 100 players, so at best, the game can have 300 players online at one time. that is absolutely horrible and the devs should have known better. worse they are looking into "channels" instead of technology like improbable's spacial-OS which would allow many servers to act as one hosting the game as one giant server instead of shitty tiny ones. havent even been able to try it because every fucking time i log-in, i get a "you are 100-300th in line".....