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Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings: War of Clans is a strategy MMO set in the time of the Vikings, where the player takes the role of Jarl of a Viking town. Build a stronghold and train your troops to conquer your foes, join a clan and rise to the top of the leaderboards.

Publisher: Plarium
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile / PC MMORTS
Release Date: August 15, 2015
Pros: +Great artwork. +Mix of RPG and strategy. +High production values.
Cons: -Pay-to-win elements.

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Vikings: War of Clans Overview

Vikings: War of Clans is a mobile 3D strategy MMO available on iOS and Android. It comes from a long line of Plarium-created strategy games that maintain a similar gameplay formula: a focus on base-building, resource management, and troop distribution that is well-balanced early on. Vikings: War of Clans is a highly polished, modern version of many of Plarium’s older games such as Sparta: War of Empires and Stormfall: Age of War, bringing the full browser strategy experience to mobile with fantastic graphics that set it apart from the mass of mobile strategy games. It offers most of the standard features players would expect from an MMORTS as well, including Clan warfare, a Hero system coupled with robust equipment crafting, multiple research trees and specializations, tons of units to choose from, and brutal PvP action. Its theme also sets it apart from other MMORTS games, which are more commonly placed in medieval and modern settings, adding to its uniqueness as a Viking-themed game.

Vikings: War of Clans Key Features:

  • Traditional City-Building Gameplay – Construct and fortify a multitude of buildings, including a Palace, Hero’s Abode, and Oracle building that support your militaristic efforts.
  • Massive Amount of Units – Train Mercenaries, Horsemen, Archers, Stalkers, Shieldmaidens, Demons and more to bravely face your foes.
  • Heroes and Equipment Crafting – Customize a Hero by allocating their skills and equipping them with crafted armor from the Forge.
  • Join a Clan – Join a group of like-minded warriors in the battle for the Places of Power and the top of the ranking boards.
  • Global PvP – Fight over Places of Power with other Clans, reigning dominant when your Clan conquers it.

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Vikings: War of Clans - Official Overview Trailer

Full Review

Vikings: War of Clans Review

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Vikings: War of Clans Screenshots


Vikings: War of Clans Videos

Playlist: Vikings: War of Clans

System Requirements

Vikings: War of Clans System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.0 and later, iOS 6.0 and later.


Vikings: War of Clans Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Vikings: War of Clans Additional Information

Developer: Plarium Games
Platforms: iOS, Android

Release Date: August 15, 2015

Vikings: War of Clans was developed and published by Plarium games, an Israeli gaming company responsible for a plethora of other games in the same genre, including Nords: Heroes of the North, Total Domination, and Stormfall: Age of War. The game features multiple language options and is available in multiple countries.


  • Crusswad84@gmail. Big war finally kicked off and the server got all weird people getting disconnected. If you click clansman battles mtk see what happened the game kicks u out.....can someone tell me a logical explanation.....please enlighten me lots of people not just me...

  • best clan game so far

  • best clan game so far. Clan games not my usual but I like this one.

  • Love this game!

  • Well done! That's a great trailer like a game is

  • Garbage game, PVP is retarded completely, ur 10k army vs 2k Army and both side lose 2k.... how is that logical and u know what is best, from winning war... YOU LOSE army, INFLUENCE AKA ONLY RANKING POINTS, and gain NOTHING, game is completely retarded.

    • Erlend Åshamar Eriksen

      If it's 2000 melee infantry vs 10000 melee infantry, that does kind of make sense, though. I played Stormfall for a while, and honestly I think the mechanics there are realistic, as well as the fact that they're highly functional. Military is an investment, and war is expensive. I'm unsure whether or not the mechanics are the same in this game though, given that I haven't played Vikings.

  • constant issues with this game - go to their Facebook page to get the story!!!!!

    • sorry don't agree with you. Everything works fine

      • From the makers - a direct quote!! Don't spend your money with them!!!

        However, according to the Terms of Use, we don't provide users with any
        compensation and do not guarantee that our service or game will be
        provided without interruptions, securely and without failures.

    • fix your pc, and get good internet, then it works fine.

  • not bad. actually my favorite clan game atm. it is an strategic game so you have to find the way to not lose too many troops and rss. If you have friends it will help a lot. need good internet connection btw

  • goood the game is about fight but be smart

  • I'm new in this game. What should i do first? Who can help?

  • Great game. Wish one day I will be a top player

    • Just be willing to put in your life savings, your left arm, right eye and first born, and the mortgage of your home.

  • It is a nice game but not balanced against people with spendinf much money. E.g. towns can be moved by money based feature. Therefore people are moving towns, attack immediately and disapear 5 minutes later.

  • good game if you like the other plarium titles, but it crashes at all times a fart in the wind makes this game crash....play for free...dont spend till they fix it. this is a common issue with plarium. plz do not give them money till they actually fix something this time

  • Garbage as well , as all,, if you don,t spend the coin you don,t go far ,, takes to long to upgrade buildings and troops,, but that cool just don,t play it now

  • don't down load until they make upgrades for Samsung 7s

  • If you have lots of $$$ to burn this game is for you. It starts off free just long enough to give you a taste, and from there you'll need to start paying $$ to go anywhere. Not much at first, but as you progress, the amount of $$ needed rapidly increases, then expect to get attacked and have everything you worked for destroyed and have to start over. Rinse, lather, repeat. The biggest expense they it you with is resurrecting high level warriors only to keep losing them.

    • Well, your city never gets touched... you only loose resources and troops. Still annoying, but not exactly "everything"
      Either way, the landscape is littered with castles of people who quit - it takes a while to figure out how little actual game there is...

  • money sucking game and you cannot even see the troops fighting so you can make a strategy..JUST A F..KING LOAD OF BS..and i cannot understand why it keeps on crashing..maybe they need my $$ to keep on playing the game.. crap.. rating -2/10..that's negative 2..

  • Is there nudity in the game?

  • you can manage to advance for free without paying real money IF you work mainly on resource building and knowledge, and IF you join a clan. If you're not a member of a clan, you will never get anywhere - clans get extra boosts you desperately need. BUT....too many players just buy their victories, which sucks. What's the point of working at strategy if some bozo willing to pay as little as $4.99 can set you back to zero? No good for true gamers who are willing to put in the work.

  • and, yeah, it crashes all the time, and yeah, it fails to apply some rewards you earn. Total suckage.

  • Stop crying, girls! If you don't know how to play you will be crashed. Just join strong clan and study. It's easy!

    • Robert Robert Robertson

      I think you meant how to pay, not play, and keep your moronic opinions to yourself next time. Just because you know how to use a keyboard, it doesn't mean you should

  • This has got to be one of the worst games I have ever played, they hook you and reel you in making you think you can advance without spending real money, then you realize you can't really make it past level 12 without doing so. The game doesn't allow you to grow because it sets up "Clan Wars" after "Clan Wars" with other kingdoms, but doesn't give you the time between wars to build up your army again if you participate in one (they have a 2 day brake between wars). They also rip you off by making it possible for some clans to hit players on tiles when at war, and the player being attacked has a shield, but other players can't. My army was destroyed on two occasions while on tiles harvesting resources, while my main town had a shield on. I wrote to the support department to complain, but I'm still waiting for an answer... this was about 2 months ago. This means that you cannot grow or heal your troops because you can't gather the resources needed to do so... so you have to spend real money to heal your troops!! If YOU decide to attack a town, you lose, whether you win the battle or not, why? Because the troops that are "killed" in that attack do not go to healing but to resuscitation, which means if you want those troops back, you need gold, which means real money... The shields turn off at the games whim, the last straw for me was when yesterday I set up a shield which said I was safe for the next 12 hours, but when I came back on about 5 hours later, the shield had popped, my town had been hit over and over and over again until EVERY SINGLE "soldier" had been "killed". I couldn't heal them because I didn't have the extraordinary absurd amount of resources needed to do so, I couldn't gather the resources because I didn't have any men to do so, I didn't have enough gold to but their healing, and not to mention that I needed over 54,000 gold to resuscitate them, and that means putting real money into the game. THIS GAME IS A MONEY SUCKING GAME!!! It's fun for a while, but then it does get old when you just can't advance if you don't put real money into it!!

  • Plarium is the most god-awful excuse for a "gaming" company... their games are bug ridden catastrophes that are only money pits for those stupid enough to waste money on them. They are barely playable because of frequent crashes, and in-game bugs. Plarium support is horrible. I tried to play "Vikings" but so much is broken, and the game is just about unplayable if you don't throw money into it. Completely unbalanced, point-and-click torture device. Plarium does not create games - just revenue streams for themselves. Don't waste your time or money on this doo doo.

  • Mystic Mysticque

    If you haven't tried this game yet DO NOT ATTEMPT at all!!! It is a heavy cash shop game with lots of multiboxers/exploiter and are getting away with such malevolence. They have no support/gm that monitors such misdemeanor.

  • Interesting reviews here.

    I've been playing for about 15 months and I can't recall the game ever crashing a single time. (I'm on an iPad mini). Maybe it's an Android problem... but I had a Samsung phone for awhile and can't recall it ever crashing on that device either.

    This is definitely not a game you can play and literally not spend a cent. Forget it. However, you can enjoy it without spending a ton of money, either. It's all about accepting a role that is commensurate with the amount of money you are able or willing to spend.

    The basic military situation of the game is inherently flawed as far as being able to play it as a normal war game, I'll give you that. The problem is that it is designed such that a superior opponent can completely wipe out an inferior opponent and lose almost nothing. I've seen technologically advanced attackers of 500,000 troops destroy 2 million lesser troops and suffer maybe 25,000 casualties.

    If you can accept that the people who spend large sums of money are going to attack regular folks with impunity, you can enjoy the game as a kind of Lord of the Flies on your mobile device -- because it's all about politics, joining a clan, alliances, playing your role in the clan to the best of your ability. In my case I am militarily extremely weak so I focus on my economy and supporting the clan in that manner. The big spenders wage the wars and I enjoy the benefits via the bonuses earned by our victories.

    When you first start playing you can enjoy it in more of a solo mode, but the longer it goes on, the more the game is about participating in the well-oiled machine of a successful clan.

    As far as the money, you simply need to be able to spend enough money to keep your shield up 24/7; or, you have to be willing to put in the time to hide your troops in a clanmate's city who is spending the modest amount of money to keep his/her shield up all the time. I spend about $5 a week and can very easily keep my shield activated at all times. (I get far more benefit than that for my money spent, that's just an illustration of one example of expenditure in the game). I would guess that $5 a month would be enough to keep your shield up at all times if that was your sole focus.

    • Erlend Åshamar Eriksen

      I used to play Stormfall, and it sounds like this game works pretty much the same way. Except this shield you're speaking of. Sounds like they made yet another mechanic to easy-roll it with money.

      I did enjoy it, though, and actually got pretty far without paying a dime. I spent a ton of time on it, though, and was very active in dodging and farming. Was in a pretty darn good alliance, and got to partake in some pretty sweet co-operative situations.

      Still enjoy other games more, though. Tribal Wars is a far more hardcore game in essence, and is (unless you're playing p2w worlds) free of the whole money-equals-effort thing. You would have to spend some money there as well, though, to actually play late-game, as certain in-game utilities were limited to premium memberships. But this was a 1-step expenditure. There was no spend more get more, and pretty much everyone played with premium after they'd gotten to a certain amount of villages. BUT, that game requires A LOT of time and effort if you at all want to compete.

      I guess I just like the idea of effort better. Someone actually caring should count for more than someone dumping 0,3% of their massive salary into the game.

      • Thanks for the comments Erland.

        The way shields work in Vikings is you can protect your city from being attacked as long as it is under shield. Since the big money spenders are exponentially more powerful than you (example: I have a strength of 150 million after 21 months of play, and the strongest guy in my kingdom has a strength of 6 billion), if your city is not shielded you will almost certainly be attacked and your entire army destroyed. The only exception would be if your clansmen load up your city with reinforcements to make it a trap, in which case there is some chance that you would defeat the enemy (but maybe not the 6 billion dollar man).

        If I ever play another game like this I will look into the titles you mentioned. Not sure I would start another, though. At this point the whole appeal of the game is the social aspect, people I have been playing with for nearly 2 years, if it weren't for that bond I'm sure I would have quit long ago.

        Of course I don't like the pay to win aspects, especially when they are so transparent. But that is true even of a silly game like Boggle With Friends, where you can literally buy wins if you aren't a dunce. I have played a lot of solo historical war-games and Civilization and I would never mistake one of these play to win games as a genuine strategy game.

    • The P2W aspect of the game is fine.

      But your comment on being shielded 24/7 is what bothers me about this game.

      Every active player is hiding under a shield and cannot be attacked. The only cities that can be attacked are abandoned or guys that forgot to shield up.

      To me this makes no sense. Why am i building a wall and trying to make the city secure when it will never get hit?

      The only time you can actually hit another player is when they leave their city and try to gather resources, and this is when the flawed military situation you mention comes into play. It's not a level 5 hitting a level 5. It's a level 26 dropping their shield for 1 second and hitting a level 15, using 400 of their troops to wipe out 50,000 of the level 15 troops. If you're playing for free, it may take 2-3 weeks to retrain those 50,000 troops.

      Vikings cannot be considered a war game. There is ZERO 1 on 1 fighting in this game. It is mainly about cowardly attacks on lower level players.

      There are 2 ways that you can play this game:

      1. P2W, but everything you need including resources so your troops never have to leave your city. Then go around doing cowardly attacks on players that didn't buy everything and have to leave their city to gather resources required to build. (to me this seems boring) - takes approx 1-2 weeks

      2. If you don't want to pay, consider this game like planting a tree. You sit and watch it and don't move. come back every so often to check your shields. It will take you between 4-6 months to get anywhere.

      I give this game 0 stars. I don't mind paying but not to attack farmers. I want to pay to attack the people that pick on farmers.

      • You are leaving out most of the ways that the game is actually played. The most important fighting is not done as you describe, but by setting traps with your clan in a city.... players of any strength can send troops to the trap, you purposely drop the shield on the city, and wait for one of the P2W players to attack without scouting, and you crush them. Or, they scout first, then their clan forms an onslaught with all their members and you fight it out wave after wave to see who comes out on top.

        Secondly, you can (and I have) attack players much stronger than you who are on a tile, and win.

        Thirdly there is a strong RPG element to the game, using your hero and shamans to kill invaders, leveling them up, building gear out of the materials you collect, putting powerful gems in the gear to give you more abilities, etc.

        Finally as I have stated previously, the game is really about working as a team with your clan -- both in terms of participating in traps and onslaughts, and in terms of supporting the clan economy.

        It is not a "wargame".... it is more of a social experiment as a game. The people who hate it tend to be people who do not enjoy and are not willing to play as a member of a team, and want everything to be about going mano a mano with other players and beating them up.

  • Edward Crockett

    The game is a money sucker yes: Does it crash a lot maybe: Does it have a good help button and support NONONONO: Find out how to do something? Wiki no; others no. How do you use a wax seal; no place within or(so far as I have found) without the game is there an answer. The wax seal is for clan to kick out non clanmembers from their stronghold area. But have not found how to use them. As the store says not usable from store or my items.

  • Robert Robert Robertson

    If you are looking for a game that combines strategy, team play and where time invested will pay off with victories, then don't bother with this game. The choices here are simple. Either spend a truckload of cash on the game, and go round hitting other players with impunity (there is no limitation on peace treaties so you can hit away then put up a peace shield so there will be no retaliation). Choice number 2 is just spend all your time under a peace shield until it runs out, then have your town attacked by someone who spent more money, and have your troops wiped out and lose influence points. In short this game will challenge your wallet and not your mind, worst mmo game I have ever played, avoid 0/10

  • poor game , hate it , scammer gamer scam scam scam

  • Horrible glitch costs me 12 million troops and they did nothing about it waste of time and money

  • Robert Robert Robertson

    They even created a fake review site to give themselves a favourable "review"

  • Lol. I see a lot of negative comments, but Vikings is definitely one of the best browser games in existence. For those who whine about pay-to-win games, let me break it down for you; the market will always support profitable ventures and 99.9% of free to play games will never be profitable because aside from taking in money from the players, only advertising remains as a source of revenue and guess what...advertisers don't target people with no money. If you can't do the math on that, I can't help ya. Besides, there needs to be pay-to-win games for people like me. People who don't live in their mom's basement eating hot pockets and poptarts for 14 hours a day while they grind away on video games. Some people have to work for a living and just don't have the time for grinding. Having said that, there could be a better balance for most games, because time and money are both investments we can choose to make, but one sad fact of life is that money talks and bullshit walks. So pay up or put on your walking shoes 😀

  • Michaell Michaelson

    the game crashed and I got hit before I could log in again: this was their response:
    We sincerely regret this situation. This case is a cause for concern, so we understand your disappointment. However, according to the Terms of Use, we don't provide users with any compensation and do not guarantee that our service or game will be provided without interruptions, securely and without failures. Of course, every game has its errors. In the future we will try to take your remarks into account and fix issues more quickly. The game will be improved and new exciting updates will be released. We hope that they will change your negative view of the game.

  • Played this for 45. min. Got bored so hard. This game is pure garbage.

  • This game is like all MMORTS free-to-play games. You can play free but your growth will be slooooow. But if you like this type of games and ready to spend some money just for fun you probably will like it. I enjoy burning towns of moaning weak players. And truth be told they weak not because of free playing but because they have no idea how fighting works, no skills, no knowledge.
    P.S. I know people will hate my comment but really this game is for the men with balls, stop crying and look through a few guids

    • lol funniest comment ever. very true though. How long you've been playing?

      • lol For about a year or more. You?

        • same here. but about your comment i shoud admit they changed some things. they added this new rewards... more gold and nice boosts for the checkpoints so even if players don't spend they can always get enough gold for shields. i have never thought i would say it but seems they listen free-playing people

          • Yeah thats what i am saying. Big players will have more chances anyway because they can earn more points and rewards but smaller players can be sure now at least they will have boosts and gold for rebuilding. They can play more risky without worries

          • my story. i am not so big player and beating really big players seems to be impossible mission... like billion of influ you know. what i am doing... i prefer defence strategy. i have big enough meatshield and full march of t5 troops. i let strong players hit me but not o/s and i am the winner lol but then i need boost items for rebuilding meatshield everytime

          • Nice. So you are my client! I am the big player who would try to kill your trap lol

          • ROFLMAO!!!

      • If you like a PVP MMO, Try out MagicBane or soon Shadowbane EMU. This game solely depends on correct character build, equipment and skill playing it. Guilds, baning other guilds and cities. In this game when your guild loses a bane you lose your city and everything you've worked for.
        Graphics are early 2000's, not the new 3d MMO's that depend on special effect instead of gameplay.

    • nothing that takes 'balls' in this game, it lacks any game play.
      You just click on an enemy castle, choose the troops to send from a menu list.
      Most hilariously, your troops marching there is the longest part of the entire thing - the battle is auto-resolved by the server in 2 seconds. Then another one to twenty minutes wait for the march back, depending on distance...

      Skill? Hilarious. You must be talking about "knowledge", yes - so-called skills that increase the percentage of attack/defense/health/capacity of your troops and similar things. You can train them very slow or pay through the nose to speed them up. Buy enough "knowledge", and your server messages will tell you that you won. But you did nothing, you saw nothing, its just a non-game for lamers with nothing to do.

      And if you loose, your castle/city is completely untouched, only resources and troops can be lost. Not much risk, compared to other games. The main risk is, that the boredom and stupidity will kill you.

      I think its specifically designed for bored people to play at work, while the supervisor isn't looking...

  • Never once played this game, but what I do know is I have a visceral hatred of it. It caused a collapse in my marriage because of its addictive nature. Wife stole thousands of dollars to feed the addiction to this game and became a whole new person stuck in a fantasy world perpetrated by her “status” in this garbage. It is no different that cocaine. Trust me. I witnessed it first hand.

  • Played for 2 weeks. Got up to Base Level 10 (about another day before I would be ready to upgrade to Level 11). Resource levels between 2mil to over 4mil. Worked up to over 30K troops ~ lv1 and lv2.
    Today, a Base Level 22 moved right next to me. Attacked 5 times in 30 minutes. Also attacked my troops gathering resources. Lost all troops. Lost all resources.
    After the Base Level 22 attacked and my village was a-fire, he re-located on the map elsewhere.

    Good go at it for 2 weeks, won't waste the time to rebuild, as I am sure this will keep happening.

  • This is like a hell of egg timers that eventually stretch to weeks and months of wait time - unless you pay for boosts.
    It looks like an RTS game at first, but soon you find, that you only have control over building and knowledge training. Any battles are completely resolved by the server, you can neither manually control anything, nor do you even get to see any battle! All you get is a server message telling you who won or lost and all the units that supposedly died.

    Recent changes have widened the pay-to-win path considerably, and the duration of clan wars has been greatly extended, making the game either a full time job, or else, forcing you to pay for a shield most of the time.
    Its not nearly good enough to spend the time required...

    Can't recommend this one...

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