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War Of Rights

War Of Rights is a MMO shooter set amid the bloody American Civil War. Engage in massive, realistic battles as part of a regiment in historically detailed environments.

Publisher: Campfire Games
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Shooter
Release Date: December 3, 2018
Pros: +American Civil War setting. +Chain of command classes. +Huge battles. +Historically accurate environments.
Cons: -Steep learning curve. -Poor optimization. -Limited maps and game options.

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War Of Rights Overview

War Of Rights is a shooter set during the Maryland Campaign of the American Civil War. Utilizing CRYENGINE, players fight across historically accurate battlefields as either the Union or Confederacy, from the South Mountains to Antietam Creek. Players choose a regiment, and rank—whether they play as a front-lines privates or conduct the war as a tactical general. Commanding generals have an overlay view of the battlefield, and make tactical decisions in real time. It's then up to players in the chain of command to follow their general's orders, or rebel and conduct warfare how they see fit. Engage in battles supporting up to several hundred people at once across several game modes.

War Of Rights Key Features:

  • Command Troops - play as a general and command your army in real time to secure victory.
  • Historically Accurate Environments - maps contain regionally-specific elements that were present during historical battles.
  • Chain of Command - generals issue orders, and its up to the subsequent chain of command classes to adhere or rebel.
  • Game Modes - multiple modes of play such as Skirmishes and Single-Player.
  • Huge Battles - fight in enormous bloody battles with several hundred players engaged at once.

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War Of Rights Screenshots


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System Requirements

War Of Rights System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit
CPU: Intel i5 2600K
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 670
Hard Disk Space: 6 GB

Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit
CPU: Intel i7 7700K or better
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 970 or better
RAM: 8 GB or more
Hard Disk Space: 6 GB


War Of Rights Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Information

War Of Rights Additional Information

Developer: Campfire Games

Audio Lead: Tom Wright
Weapons Artist: Stuart Maddocks
Historical Adviser: Clark Morningstar


Announcement Date: 2012
Release Date: December 03, 2018

Development History / Background:

War Of Rights is developed by independent game studio Campfire Games. The game was announced in 2012 and is built on CRYENGINE. A Kickstarter campaign was launched on October 15, 2015 and successfully funded on November 11, 2015, raising £77,733. War Of Rights was posted to Steam Greenlight on October 15, 2015 and subsequently approved on October 30, 2015. The game launched on December 03, 2018 and is available on Steam, Green Man Gaming, and the Humble Store.