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Ys Online

Ys Online was a MMORPG based on the popular Ys series of console RPGs that featured three unique races inspired by the game series: Eresian, Afrocan and Kimoan. Each race had access to different secondary classes such as Knights, Rogues, Wiccas, Conjurors, and Shamans.

Publisher: CJ Internet
Release Date (Korea): July 4, 2007
Closure Date: October 1, 2012
PvP: Arena / Open World / Guild vs. Guild
Pros: +Variety of classes. +Multiplayer dungeons. +Excellent graphics.
Cons: -Storyline lacking. -Pay-to-win elements.


Ys Online Overview

Ys Online: The Call of Solum was a free-to-play MMORPG that featured colorful anime-inspired graphics and a rich setting inspired by other games in the Ys series of RPGs. It takes place in the world of Esteria, home to three races: the Eresians, Afrocans, and Kimoans, each with unique equipment and classes. Players could initially pick between Fighter and Mage, then branch off into a secondary, race-specific class as they leveled. Eresians could become Knights, Rogues, Warriors, Clerics, and Wizards; Afrocans could become Guardians, Nighthawks, Myrmidons, Wiccas, and Witchdoctors; and finally, Kimoans could become Archers, Protectors, Conjurors and Shamans. The game also offered features that players would come to expect from MMORPGs, such as instanced dungeons, a plethora of quests, and crafting. One of its unique elements was its card-based enhancement system that allowed players to strengthen equipment, learn new skills, and summon pets.

Ys Online Key Features:

  • Fifteen Unique Classes – create a character and pick from Fighter or Mage, then branch out into 15 unique secondary classes determined by the character’s race.
  • Three Playable Races – create a character from the three starting race: Afrocan, Eresian, and Kimoan.
  • Card System – collect cards from enemies and vendors, useful for a variety of tasks including quests, crafting, enchanting, custom skills, advancing abilities, and more.
  • Guild Perks – join a guild to access benefits that include new quests and rewards only available to players in a guild.
  • Guild vs. Guild PvP – declare war on other guilds and fight them in a massive battle to assert dominance.

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Additional Info

Ys Online Additional Information

Developer: CJ Internet

Release Date (Korea): July 4, 2007
Closed Beta Date (Europe): May 25, 2009
Open Beta Date (Europe): June 29, 2009
Closure Date (Europe): November, 2009
Closure Date (Korea): October 1, 2012

Development History / Background:

Ys Online was developed and published by CJ Internet—although some of its regional releases were distributed by different companies. The game was available in Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Europe, and was IP-locked to those countries, making it more difficult for US players to access the game. Its European release—its only English version—was never fully released, moving from closed beta to open beta, then shut down months later due to bad management with its publishing company, Key2Play, and a declining playerbase. Key2Play closed, taking the game down with it, although this was the biggest hurdle Ys Online experienced during its lifetime. The game was very successful in Asian markets, with its final server shutting down October 1st, 2012, giving it a lifespan of five years. It is also notable that once its other servers shut down, the game’s Korean server became open and available to players globally, allowing players who missed a chance to play it previously to try it out before it shut down.