Battlerite Gameplay First Look

Battlerite Gameplay First Look -

Battlerite Gameplay First Look by Omer

Battlerite is a free to play fast paced action MOBA developed and published by Stunlock Studios - the same company behind Bloodline Champions. Similar to Bloodline Champions, every ability in Battlerite has to manually aimed, and can thus be dodged. Unlike League of Legends or Dota 2, Battlerite features no minions, gold, or levels. The game aims to capture the "fun" of MOBAs, without the time commitment. Since every ability can be dodged, Battlerite has a tremendously high skill cap which leads to a lot of outplay potential. The game has a higher learning curve than other MOBAs, but it's a polished game that I think is well worth checking out. The video above was recorded in beta, but I'm looking forward to playing it again at full launch.