Battlerite Season 1 Begins Today

Battlerise's Pre-Season officially came to a close today and Season 1 has just begun. Rankings have officially been reset and players can earn new rewards by climbing the ladder once again. Since this is the first official season of Battlerite it'll serve as an outline for future seasons.

Each season will run for 2-3 months and average about 10 weeks. Every season rankings and leaderboards will be reset with rewards going out at the end. Aside from various chests and tokens, players will earn a special border (similar to League of Legends) based on the highest ranking they achieved. There's A LOT of changes with the launch of season 1. Check some of them out below and see the rest here.

Pre-Season Rewards

The following rewards will be awarded to participating in the Pre-Season, corresponding to the highest League achieved:

  • Bronze
    • Pre-Season Avatar (Bronze)
    • 3 Silver Chests
  • Silver
    • Pre-Season Avatar (Silver)
    • 5 Silver Chests
    • 500 Tokens
  • Gold
    • Pre-Season Avatar (Gold)
    • 3 Gold Chests
    • 1,000 Tokens
  • Platinum
    • Pre-Season Avatar (Platinum)
    • 5 Gold Chests
    • 1,750 Tokens
  • Diamond
    • Pre-Season Avatar (Diamond)
    • 7 Gold Chests
    • 2,500 Tokens
  • Champion
    • Pre-Season Avatar (Champion)
    • 7 Gold Chests
    • 3,500 Tokens
    • 1 Legendary Outfit Chest
  • Grand Champion
    • Pre-Season Avatar (Grand Champion)
    • 7 Gold Chests
    • 5,000 Tokens
    • 1 Legendary Outfit Chest
    • Growlan, the Champion's Warlion

New Rewards System - Sponsors

The Sponsor Reward System replaces Weekly Quests and unlocks at Account Level 5. Sign a Sponsor before they become unavailable and complete daily quests to progress along the reward path. You will be able to change sponsors at any time, but only one "active" sponsor will receive progress for completed dailies. If you have sponsors with progress, but not completed, then you will need to complete the progress on at least one of these sponsors before being able to sign a new one. Some of these rewards will be unique to their season, others will help you unlock Champions or earn in-game currency.

Some Sponsors have a League requirement, and therefore higher ranked players can get their hands on even more rewards. For Season 1 there are two League Sponsors - one requires Gold League, the other DIamond League.

Pre-Game Lobby

The Pre-Game Lobby has been designed to improve the ability to strategically create team compositions and counter pick enemies in the League gamemode. You can find more information on the decisions and development behind the Pre-Game lobby in our February Dev Update.

Pre-Select your Champions before matchmaking in League, you will then have the option to change your pick according to team and enemy picks in a Simultaneous style draft system

Players can now choose to downvote up to 3 maps in the lobby settings in both Casual, League, and vs AI and for 2v2 and 3v3. Maps downvoted are less likely to be selected in Matchmaking