Stunlock Studios Partners With Twitch and Nexon For Battlerite Pro League

Stunlock Studios, the company behind Battlerite, announced this week that they partnered with Twitch and Nexon to help them bring the competitive Battlerite scene worldwide. Twitch will be the game's exclusive streaming partner for the game's first 3 seasons while Nexon will be responsible for producing the events in South Korea.

Anyone can sign up for the league qualifiers up until April 11th. There will be 4 qualifiers for each region and ultimately 8 teams will be representing each region and will go on to compete for a share of an $80,000 prize pool. Those more interested in simply watching the tournament can do so on the game's Twitch page.

I've personally been playing a good amount of Battlerite over the last few weeks and have really been enjoying the game. I've yet to see any tournaments for it but am looking forward to seeing what the Battlerite Pro League ends up looking like. While the game's playerbase has dipped a bit since going free to play in November 2017 it still boasts an impressive 7200 players online at any given time.