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Stunlock Studios

Stunlock Studios is an independent games developer based in Sweden. Their best known titles include Battlerite and Bloodline Champions.

Official Site: https://www.stunlockstudios.com
Company Size: Small (< 30 Employees)
Region(s): Sweden
Year Founded: 2010
Phone Number: N/A
Email: contact@stunlockstudios.com

Founded in 2010 by a group of like-minded and passionate gamedev students, Stunlock Studios is an independent studio with a growing portfolio of quality games. Specializing in the arena brawler/MOBA genre, they are most known for their well-loved Bloodline Champions, as well as its newer, critically-acclaimed legacy incarnation Battlerite.

Client Games

Client Games (download to play) from Stunlock Studios currently in service:

Bloodline Champions

Retired Games

Games no longer supported by Stunlock Studios:

Dead Island: Epidemic

Contact Information

Stunlock Studios Contact Information

Email: contact@stunlockstudios.com
Telephone Number: N/A
Corporate Address:
Stunlock Studios
Gothia Science Park
Box 133, 541 23 SKÖVDE

Useful Links
Stunlock Studios (Official Website)
Battlerite (Offcial Website)
Bloodline Champtions (Official Website)