Breakaway Gameplay First Look

Breakaway Gameplay First Look by Omer

Breakaway is a free to play 4v4 MOBA developed and published by Amazon Game Studios. It's the first game from Amazon and it plays a bit like Battlerite, as players have access to all their abilities and their ultimate from the get-go. The objective of each round is to bring the ball that spawns in the center of the arena to the opposing teams base (sort of like capture the flag). Players can also score a point by eliminating the entire opposing team before they respawn and whichever team scores 3 points first wins. Breakaway is a unique experience that doesn't play like any other MOBA, except for perhaps Battlerite. This video was recorded during Breakaway's alpha, so the game still had quite a few bugs. Combat felt a bit slow and the game overall didn't feel too fluid. Hopefully these issues are addressed before full release though.