Amazon Improves Breakaway Gameplay And Redesigns Characters

breakaway korrynIt seems that Amazon is all about making the fans happy which is why they decided to give their upcoming MOBA Breakaway a major overhaul ahead of their Alpha weekend test last week. The devs discuss the changes in a recent dev blog:

“Don’t worry – Breakaway’s still about fast action, strategic teamwork, and dunking on fools. We listened to your feedback and made changes we believe only refine what makes Breakaway great. There are four big buckets of gameplay changes to Breakaway you’ll notice: movement, combat, buildables, and the gold economy.”

Aside from gameplay changes, Amazon also revamped their character designs, backstories, and even changed character names to meet the rigorous standards set by fans. The studio also introduced three new characters in to the mix: Alona, the Last Sun Priestess; Jarra, the Shadow Huntress; and Thorgrim, the Giant-slayer.

“One consistent piece of feedback we heard from gamers who checked out Breakaway was that the artwork and character design for our warriors weren’t quite hitting the mark yet. […] So we’ve unleashed the creativity of our artists and designers to reimagine our original characters. Some have changed quite radically (even their names!), and some have just been pushed into more unique and interesting territory. In the spirit of building Breakaway transparently with the community’s feedback, we’re introducing six of our updated warriors that are ready for the June 15th alpha weekend. We’re still working on updates to the remaining original warriors, and you’ll hear about them soon.”

The devs also held a live Q&A session yesterday where they confirmed that more characters are due to be redesigned including Victor, Rawlins, and the Black Knight. Watch Alpha gameplay footage from the game after the jump, or head over to the Breakaway official site to sign-up for Alpha access.