Amazon's Breakaway is "Basically Canceled"

Kotaku reported today that Amazon's free to play team arena brawler is basically cancelled. Interestingly, no layoffs were reported and the game isn't quite fully cancelled as it may re-emerge in some form later. Still, the game is currently on "indefinite hiatus". While Breakaway never quite launched, it has undergone quite a few beta tests over the last year. Breakaway [...]

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Following The End Of Hero's Song Development, John Smedley Joined Amazon Game Studios

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You guys remember John Smedley, right? President of Sony Online Entertainment, which later became Daybreak Game Company? Most recently worked on Hero's Song, which his company Pixelmage Games raised over $2.8 million to develop before canceling the game a month into Early Access? Yeah, that guy. He just got hired by Amazon Game Studios. But wait, that's not all. He [...]

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Breakaway Gameplay First Look

Breakaway Gameplay First Look by Omer Breakaway is a free to play 4v4 MOBA developed and published by Amazon Game Studios. It's the first game from Amazon and it plays a bit like Battlerite, as players have access to all their abilities and their ultimate from the get-go. The objective of each round is to bring the ball that spawns in [...]

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Breakaway's First Alpha Weekend Is Here

It's been a while since Amazon Game Studios formally unveiled its first game, Breakaway, but today, we finally get to play it. How does it play? Does the handball/MOBA hybrid even work? What even is this game? These questions and more will be answered this weekend, as Breakaway's first Alpha weekend begins later today. To take part, all you have to [...]

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Breakaway is a 4v4 MOBA where two teams score points by getting a ball (called a relic) into the opponent's goal. Add buildable structures and different combat roles into the mix, and let the chaos ensue. Publisher: Amazon Game Studios Playerbase: TBA Type: MOBA Release Date: TBA Pros: +Unique 4v4 gameplay. +Variety of characters and abilities that change environment. +Twitch Stream integration. Cons: -Limited information available. -No [...]

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